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Everybody give a warm welcome to my Girlfriend who has just joined -ibles! Answered

Hi all,

Well my girlfriend has just joined -ibles,
you can find her here,
So everyone say hi!

She is a crafty type, and has made all sorts from bags to corsets.





9 years ago

What do you mean by "Warm"?


*packs up bonfire and thermite*

when did u start dating?


FWIW, I didn't "start dating" till my mid-20s. I wasn't all that happy about it, but I'm not sure I'd want to do things THAT much differently. "Teen" dating seems overly full of actions and experiences that I'm just as happy to have mostly avoided (largely having to do with peer pressure.)

Not to mention, when you wait until you're in your twenties, you actually end up together for over a year! (gasp!)

Good point.. My record so far is 3 months, 5 days, 2 hours, and 43 minutes...

lol, that made me giggle out loud a bit. '(gasp!)'

I agree, with you both, teen dating is mostly based around peer pressure, and being expected to act normal. I never went for the whole peer pressure thing (i have too much of an attitude problem) and where is the fun in being normal eh?
see attached picture, which is my coaster


You've got the wrong end of the stick - gmjhowe started dating this particular girlfriend 20 months ago. He's not saying he didn't start dating at all until 20 months ago.

You should phrase your questions more carefully.

hmmmmmm...................... ok. but read the thread up to this point, VERY CAREFULLY

I did, and you asked the wrong question in context.

In context, your question meant "when did you two start dating?"

oh, well this was spur of the moment

would you like a rasp to grind down that spur ? LOL

thanks kiteman, you are a star

you should start when you choose to.


9 years ago

Daywalker what? :D

You leave her alone. Right now.

Just ignore and flag the jackass; it's the same person as GINGISANGRY, who was shut down yesterday. All the comments will be gone by early morning, California-time....

You have a girlfriend? Lucky. Can she be my girlfriend?

not luck, i would say i am blessed.

LOL... what song is this and who is this by? I'm having a heart attack, I can't remember. It's on the tip of my tongue.

jh is correct, it is Supertramp :-) "Take a Look at my Girlfriend" And I did not mean to imply anything concerning the actual subject of this thread, but rather a past reference to MY girlfriend, before she became my wife :-)

there was a crappy emo rock rubbishy version laltely also.

ok, my age or my lack of being "in touch" for the past 20+ years is showing....I have looked it up and get varying definitions for "emo", so could you explain what "you" mean by emo? Thanks !

Ok, I think I understand now.....


Not wanted here, there's a be nice policy, obey it.

Also berks like you may need this.

Welcome to Instructables. Best wishes.

im not gonna start this argument again, but you are acting just like him.

Geez, sorry.....