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Ex-Girlfriends/Boyfriends Answered

Have you ever broke up with somebody that was special to you? Have you ever since that awkward moment when you guys are in the same place? well I have for one. Its always so awkward when s/he says let be friends when you know that you guys arent going to be acting like freinds. Then not only does it effect you but it effets your friends if you guyss have the same kind of friends!!! I hate this so much. You know you guys cant be friends, you still have feelings for s/he, and ya have alot of classes together! So what should you do?? Should you guys be enemies? Should you just erase s/he from you life permentally? I for one dont know what to do.... Maybe you guys know? Please answer this question as if it was you!!!

Question: What would you do if you and your special other broken up and s/he dont want to be with you yet you have feelings for s/he??


@Kiteman : Its just a general question for Kids out there just in case if they come to a similar problem like this, they could look on here and consider some of these awsome advices

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This is a Making site, not really intended for life advice (although we do get a lot of that kind of question in the Q&A section).

I understand that but i made this group (Kidz Associated Inc.) to help out in ALL kinds of ways thats possible, that would include questions that people PM me. For example: Ex-Bf/Gf , website making, science experiments, life situations, etc..... So I'm still posting stuff about making items and what not but I'm also posting whatever kids want me to post thats appropriate of corse.

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I think it's best to be civil but not friends - especially when you're young. If they don't want to be with you, there is normally nothing you can do to change that and it's better to give them space.

Being friends will always cause problems - mostly jealousy. People might tell you otherwise but I wouldn't listen, especially if you still have feelings for the person.

But simply being civil - which in this case will mostly mean not making disparaging remarks about the ex or anyone they may be dating or trying to place yourself into their buisness but being able to say hello and ask how they're doing - works wonders. It's always better to take the high road. :)

Why do you want to know?