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Exactly how to remove the IR filter from an older Logitech digital camera: www.JetCityOrange.com/IR/? Answered

I want to tweak one or more older Logitech cameras by removing the IR filter in front of the sensing chip. I want the cameras to be sensitive to a wider portion of the spectrum. Night shots outside come to mind. I wrote up my best guess here: www.JetCityOrange.com/IR/ Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, QuickCam Express or QuickCam Chat Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jerry Whiting JetCityOrange / Seattle


I'm pretty sure that all that is in that picture is the bare ccd, The IR filter on my webcam is in or on the lens assembly.

from what I've always read, if its glued on its the delicate procedure of breaking it off without touching the sensor.