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Excel File Upload- Possible? Impossible? Answered

It does not appear possible to upload excel files (with or without Macros).
Can any user point me to some sort of "official" documentation on this point either way?
(Have tried multiple browsers at multiple times of day)

I've made a timing system for sports races using RFID and Excel, and the Instructable is pretty pointless without the Excel file.


You might have better luck with the new editor and its file uploader. https://www.instructables.com/editInstructable/

And your project sounds really cool, so I hope the system allows you to post that sweet Excel file. (I'm imagining an accessible version of something like this: http://www.stats.com/sportvu/sportvu.asp)

Thanks for your comment. Maybe I can try to be more specific. .xls vs. .xlsm .xls extension works. I've uploaded some documents with this format. Unfortunately, the design of my spreadsheet uses features (macros) which are not backward compatible and it is necessary to use the .xlsm extension for users to use it properly. I'm thinking this is why is doesn't upload with the http error message. So the better question should be "Are Excel files with the .xlsm extension uploadable?

The uploader can accept other formats aside from images (JPG). You can try with that particular file type, but if you don't see an image icon after uploading (like a document, image thumbnail, or other icon acknowledging a supported file type) then we can't host the file here.

An alternative if your file doesn't upload would be to host it externally and link to in in the body of your work.

I'm having the same issue with the blog world providers. It would appear that Excel Macros in the xlsm extensuin are too dangerous to allow loose on the Internet.

Lots of files will upload via the image library - just select the file you want instead of an image.