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Expanding Thought Process, the Mind, and General Creativity Answered

I believe that, for the utmost of simplicity, I should begin this topic with the fact that I am a teenager who is quiet passionate about electronics, engineering, and teaching others in general. I have run several websites (each generating a plus of 200 unique visitors/day), created many circuits for school applications (projects), and many similar forms of expressing oneself such as writing. Being just about 15 today, my mind is far from creative, though. Less then three years ago, I was at, what is at this point, my "creative prime". I was publishing quality articles daily for my website, and greatly grew in the ranks of superiority among other websites in my niche. At ages 12 and 13, I was pushing content out - in addition to designing many webpages through core-coding languages - on a daily basis, requiring a load on my creativity to be pulled. Nonetheless, I always managed to tap into my inner-creativity and pull out great ideas.

The Point of This Thread

Less then two years later, though, I'm stuck in a bit of a muddy puddle. I cannot tune into my own creativity, for the well that it is is now very much dried up. I'm looking to somehow expand my mind and thought process. Are there any activities (keep it legal, guys(;   ) that can help? It'd be a huge inspiration. I can come up with the ideas for circuits and execute them, but from there, all of my creations fall short - they don't end up how I pictured them. The visual aspect of my brain is, uh, malfunctioning.



Look for things that need a circuit first, rather than trying to think of a circuit for-


Welcome to the on-going effects of puberty. Your brain is actually changing size and shape right now. This is bound to have some sort of effect on your mind-set.

Relax, don't worry about it, and wait for things to run their course. The Muse will return when she's ready, and not before.

+1 Your hormones affect your brain and, also a year for you means, a period of time with a lot of changes. Just keep reading, studying, and keep an open mind. Your inspiration will come.

A lot of creativity comes from experience. No offense but at 15 years old you do not have a lot of. But to give you credit you are doing more at 15 than most 15 yr olds are doing.

As far as legal activities that spawn creativity. Well since you like to teach then how about volunteering for some boys and girl clubs. Or joining Boy Scouts. Both will help you gain some new skills and become more of a well rounded person.