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Experience with the Flexil/Vinamold/Gelflex hot melt vinyl rubber? Answered

Hey again,

Does anyone have any experience with this Flexil hot melt rubber stuff I've seen about. It's a vinyl rubber that you melt in a pot around 170 degrees and then pour it over masters and formers to create moulds like you would with RTV silicone (except quite hot). The rubber can be remelted which is a benefit over silicone, but does anyone know of reasons why silicone is better for making moulds with (other than the master possibly melting).

Link here: http://www.cfsnet.co.uk/acatalog/CFS_Catalogue__Flexil__554.html

Incidentally, CFS is also a good place to buy pretty much all casting and moulding materials if you're in the UK at somewhat reasonable prices :-)


Chiok, did you get anywhere with this?

Unfortunately not. I haven't had the funds to spare for some trial and error, or the funds to cast anything into it. But that should hopefully change soon and I might be able to experiment with it. It's also for sale in Hobbycraft for more immediate procurement. Are you looking at trying it too?

I have a need for 64 identical objects with LEDs embedded in them.