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Experiment For A Science Assignment? Answered

For my school assignment i need to design and carry out an experiment such as testing diferent ferlilisers on plants. I need some thing like that but it needs to be more complex. Any ideas?


Train several mice to run a maze. Run them through several times. Time them and get an average. Put beer in their water bottle and wait an hour. Run them through the same number of times and get an average time. Determine that beer impairs the mice's ability to navigate the maze. Write a paper about how drinking alcohol is bad, and get an "A" based solely on the social message.
For extra points, run them thru again while they're talking on their tiny cellphones and make note of how the level of impairment is almost identical to the beer results.

I actually did this experiment (without the cellphone part) in Jr. High, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I got an A, and I got to bring beer to school.

Hey, uh... er... dumb question, is there any constraint on the field of science (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, etc) for this proposed project or experiment.  You mentioned plants.  Does this idea have to involve plants? 

There is no specific constraints and it doesnt have to involve plants that was just a basic idea. Realy it is a very open assignment.

The reason I asked is that most of the science project ideas I come up with are from the field of physics, or maybe engineering.

Here's an example of me answering the please-think-of-a-science-project-idea-for-me-question in this forum before.  This project idea is from the subject of ballistics; i.e. throwing heavy objects, and using math to predict where they will land.

BTW, the please-think-of-a-science-project-idea-for-me-question gets asked in the Answers forum often.  You might find something by looking through some of the previous answers here, like these:

I got a science-fair A on tropism.  I grew raddish roots in between two panes of glass to grow in a spiral to demonstrate geotropism, a philadendron to grow through a maze for phototropism and I can't remember what experiment I did for hydrotropism.

It was pretty fun.

Once I also mummified some Perdue chickens, but that was for world history.

Thanks for your idea, ill look into it.

If you read the book titled "MAD COWBOY" by Howard F. Lyman, you will discover the fertilizer industry uses chemicals that are destroying farmland. They do this because it is PROFITABLE.  So I suggest reading that book first, then doing something showing how these fertilizers are killing all the life in the soil. Worms and anything alive is DEAD in the soil.  Those organizms are necessary for healthy plant growth and nutrition.  Then grow some plants in some ORGANIC soil.  That is soil that has micro-organisms worms and bugs in it.  Show results of plant health and nutrition and soil preservation.... and elimination of pollution runoff chemicals that are also polluting rivers near farmland which destroys fishing industries.  In this way, you are accomplishing your assignment without buying into the LIE that big agri-business wants you to believe about WHICH fertilizer is best.... The best is NONE.... just natural healthy soil, NO man made oil-based fertilizer is best for HUMAN health.