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Exploring Insrtuctables Answered

I like to, occasionally, explore thr instructables numerically.  How do I start this progression from well into the list, say at number three hundred?            Hubiewan


Copy and paste this link:
If you change the end (like Kelsey advises) you end up with something like this:
The RECENT part means that the bigger offset is further back in time, 30000 takes you back to July 2007 for example


Thanks.  I figured out that the progression is in incriments of eight.  I can calculate what to change the last number to, to end up where I desire.  Trying to learn something every day, till my brain won't hold any more.   hubiewan

Sure.  Go to Browse -> Recent and click on one of the "subsequent page" buttons down at the bottom.  Take a look at the URL in your browser, and you'll see an "offset=" name/value pair.  You can change that offset to whatever you want.

Thanks, I'll pretend I understood what you said and, give it a shot.    Hubiewan

:-)  If you don't know what a URL (Web address) is, you may have some difficulty.  In any event, you can always just click on the different page numbers down at the bottom of the Browse listing.