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Explosive tip arrows? Answered

I have been looking for a way to make archery more intresting so i came up with the idea of explosive tip arrows but i got afew qustions. 1st of all i know this is not really safe but i can insure all of the instructables community i will use them responably. What would be the best type of explosive to use?? would it be better to use an explosive that will explode with the inpact or rig a primer in there somewhere. My next qustion is what do you guys think will be the best idea to house the explosives in?? should i make a tip to put it in?? If so what would be a good design?? or should i rig the explosives inside the arrow?? Thanks for everyones input.



1 year ago

Just be safe. I've thought about it a lot, and I've decided to go with a very stable explosive, one that will not detonate with a simple impact. My reasoning is that if it's going to go off on impact then who's to say it won't go off when launched? Before you do anything, you need to ensure you will not blow yourself up. While I have not done much research, I believe that the best option for a big bang would be to fill the arrow shaft with something explosive, and make sure you pack it well so it's not rattling around. I would suggest rigging a crude a firing cap as the tip. Best of luck to you, and please don't blow yourself up, I would really like to know how this goes.


3 years ago

I have experimented extensively in this area. It is possible, but while you may be extremely responsible the charges that detonate without a detonation device must be mixed to exacting standards and used in carefully measured minute quantities if they are to be used safely. In short they are simply too volatile for all but the most experienced hands.


5 years ago

I hate to be a wet blanket, but even if you are extremely responsible and only explode non-living targets, this is still probably against the law in your area. I would recommend checking with the local authorities and/or local gunshops (they know more about ordnance than archery shops would) to find out what you can and cannot do.

There are some exploding targets you can buy for pistol range shooting. Perhaps if you were to use the same material in your arrow tips it would fall inside the law. They might even work when hit by an arrow instead of a bullet. It is worth investigating.

Targets that react violently when hit might provide some excitement. Maybe a target rigged to dump Mentos into Diet Coke when hit would be fun.


Answer 3 years ago

Alas explosive targets used for firearms, such as Tannite, will not detonate with arrow penetration. They require an additional catalyst charge that will detonate with arrow impact and thus detonate the Tannite module. There are a number of simple combinations that will accomplish this, but they necessitate attaching a relatively unstable charge to an otherwise very stable yet very potent Tannite charge. Things like Tannite are so stable they can literally be hit with a sledge hammer and they will not explode. In fact most will not detonate at impacts less than those produced by the higher calibre rounds, but when they do go off they really GO OFF! The danger is that in attaching a more volatile detonating charge to the Tannite one risks an explosion one is not prepared for. Hospitals are filled with people awaiting prostheses as a result of such experimentation. I strongly suggest this is an area of endeavour best left unplummed.