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Expos and Conventions !! Answered

So do you , people of instructables, attend any Expos or media conventions. I've never been at one but i'm considering going this year to the London MCM Expo in May (24-25). It's basically a media convention with preveiws of upcoming hyped films and unknown Blockbusters. Also it has a huge section for comics where you can buy manga and animies for a quite cheap price. Last but not least, it has sections covering video game releases and what not. So I might go since it only happens every 2 years. Does anything like this Expo happen where you live? And have you ever been?



10 years ago

We have a number of local (and semi-local) "Science Fiction Conventions" that we attend one or more of on a fairly regular basis. BayCon (Bay Area SF Convention) happens Memorial Day Weekend, this year at the Santa Clara Convention center. SiliCon (Silicon Valley SF Convention) happens in the fall. These are "general" SF conventions, which means they have a mix of literary, media, comics, anime, music, costuming, LARPing, and science programming.
There are more specialized Cons like Consonance, which is Music oriented, and PantheaCon, which new age pagan stuff, I think. There are probably "media" conventions too, but we tend to avoid them. There's the Maker Faire, the Embedded Systems Conference, the ARM developers Conference, sometime "WesCon" (might be dead?), and assorted other "adult" technical conferences. There's "Stiches", Bird Shows, Reptile shows, county fairs, Dickens Fair, RenFaire, Creative Crafts, Gun shows, the Harvest Festival, square dance festivals, the Gilroy Garlic festival (and assorted other specialized food festivals), and many more. (I think those are just things that someone in my family has attended...)

If you've got sufficiently broad interests and an independent source of funding, you can probably spend your time doing nothing but attending such things.

If you're willing to travel some distance, of course your choices multiply. Burning Man, Pyrotechnics Conventions, High Power Rocketry (and also amateur rocketry) launches (to mention some of the more unusual things.)

Washington is a barren wasteland when it comes to Expos and Conventions. We get the usual home and garden expo, but that's about it.

Oh =[to bad.]

No media or comic or video game expos?

Blank page? And nothing. Nothing at all.

Hmmm( I don't know how that became a link ???? oh well...) Maybe that's just Washington try checking other nearby cities for expos when your in them. Expos can be really fun.

We have one at the mall around here! :D But that's about it.

Does a coin show count? Because that is the extent of my expo visiting.

Nothing ever comes to santa fe. *Sigh* I have to get out of this place

LOL. Come to England!!!!!!!!!!!! " The country where dreams never happen! " {kidding]

I want to come to england. If you haven't noticed, Bush literally put the US into the abyss.

The Make Faire. May 3 and 4th at the san mateo faire grounds.