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Extend ipod battery life? Answered

Would it be possible/feasible to buy a replacement ipod battery, open up the ipod, and solder the battery in parallel to increase the battery life? Or is the new ipod too thin to do that?


Hopefully you already know the risks of opening up your iPod, and depending on which iPod you have, you can replace a battery that is similar to the iPod battery. Note: even if both batteries look the same, doesn't mean they are.

Reference: https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-your-4th-Gen-iPod-to-use-Flash-Memory/

I agree with the other two that there's almost certainly insuffiicent space internally and it's a hard device to open and close properly -- and I agree with Mike's suggestion that an external battery pack is a better solution. In fact I seem to remember that there already is a combination protective case and booster battery which provides the extra power thru the docking connector... at the cost of doubling the thickness and weight of your iThing.

Another solution would be to use something like the Minty Boost to recharge the iPod's internal battery from a separately carried device when needed. Do you *really* need the long unattended operation time, or can you just hit it with a booster when it starts to run down?


7 years ago

Rather than adding a battery to the internal connectors you can just get a USB-Powerpack, attach it to the iPod and run a docking connector to the iPod.
A separate battery would have to be attached, too.


7 years ago

You don't want to open your ipod if you can avoid it. Especially since you can buy or make a plug in battery just for such a contingency. I keep an extra little battery for just such events in the travel bag myself.