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Exterior finish on a plywood canoe? Answered

I am building a plywood canoe. I would like a waterproof, durable finish on the outside, and had the idea to spray it with truck bed liner. Thoughts?



7 years ago

Marine paint is the cheapest solution. And it's the most common--just look at harbor full of plywood fishing vessels.

But it's not the only choice.

"Bright finished" boat? Marine or spar varnish. Might consider glassing the bottom, depending on the plywood thickness. But there's always a weight trade-off.

Truck bed liner would be an interesting experiment. Not sure how the textured surface would effect the drag coefficient...

There are many options depending on the depth of your pocket.

Ordinary varnish - Will need repeating ever couple of years.

Normal household paint

coat of standard fibreglass resin (polyester) - recommended by Dynamite Payson

Whatever the aim is to water proof the plywood and make it look good.

Truck bed line won't be a good covering. It's heavy and if you hit rock it will scratch off and allow water to get into the plywood. You need something that will soak into the first layer of the wood. A clear acrylic spray would work great.

I'd use a West System Epoxy personally - one of their flexible formations.