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External Hardrive Power Answered

I have an external hardrive that no longer works on my desktop. I've deduced that it is not getting ample power from the computer to run. I've tried on the front port and a hub, what else should I try?


It does, it works on my moms and my laptop.

Then the computer isn't supplying the necessary 500mA per port and should be returned for service.

Your drive or bridge board may have drifted out of specs causing one or the other to draw too much current. To test this, you'll have to open the enclosure and temporarily remove the power (red, yellow & 2 black wires) from the drive. If it's a 2.5" drive, remove the ribbon cable. Plug the enclosure back in and check your System preferences/hardware devices to see if the bridgeboard is present. It would appear as an additional IDE driver. If you've got a Mac, you can see it in the System Profiler (Apple menu->About this Mac->More Info...), under ATA devices. If it doesn't appear, it is your bridge board (likely). The easiest solution is to buy a new enclosure for the size drive you have. If, the bridge board is good, you need to replace the drive. A bit more expensive, but a lot cheaper than buying the complete external drive package.

well, i'm totally lost. My computer has a warranty, should I just take it in?

I guess it would be possible that it's your computer. Unlikely though. You could try plugging the external drive into someone else's computer to see if it works. If it does, then definitely take it in for warranty service.