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External postings and attribution Answered

Did somebody from the Instructables staff post a version of my instructable on Sustain Lane without attribution or credit to the author? It certainly looks like it here where it says "Instructables - Premier Partner" while the content is clearly my instructable with no author attribution or credit to be found.



(Until you made this post, I didn't even know SustainLane existed. I've scrolled through the Instructables postings, and found two of my projects there.)

I stumbled on it in a google search. I have no idea how many other might exist and, more importantly, how many hits are not being counted...:-)

Flattering in a way though. Hey Ma, look at me, I'm good enough to get ripped...

Surely you agree that even if SustainLane is some kind of Instructables affiliate,, it's a pretty dirty trick and against the spirit of the site to just secretly rip off content with nary a word to the author.

That's what I meant by the last two lines of the first post...

All the images are directly from your instructable so you could delete your instructable and theirs would go too ?

You would have to delete the pictures too.
But this is completely unacceptable. That's like photocopying a book and selling the copies. Bullshit if you ask me.

Kiteman's right on the TOS, but even their TOS doesn't change fairness. It's not difficult and not going to hurt their sales to give you credit. After all that is all you are getting for your work. I do a lot of writing for news sites. Usually all I get is attribution, and if they're going to yank that, which costs them nothing, then it is going to be a hard sell to get people to contribute. Though I do hope you do continue. You are the only one on instructables that I'm actually subscribed to. Your insight and wit are a good part of the reason I show up here.

p.s. If you decide to dump them, keep me on your mailing list. ;)

Instructables has always been run by Instructables for Instructables with the rest of us just sort of along for the party. I got to used to this sort of thing a while back, although it does annoy. I license this stuff a certain way for a reason, I would have expected them to honor the license instead of the TOS.

I'm not dumping instructables until I find someplace that I think will give me better hit counts and google placements.....Its all about the hit count.....

They have honoured the license - you get a credit at the end of it.

But, again, I agree that it is impolite of the site to use your materials like this without even letting you know.

With the original instructables book, authors got a copy of the book, and also with the ebooks, so some sort of on-site credit would have been nice.

(Point of information - credit was given, right at the end. Still unfair, though.)

It's a badly-done blog-entry.
They should have linked to Instructables with a headline and picture, but what they've actually done is dump the whole page on their site.
Note - the images pull from Instructables.com by hyperlink.


-It's just crappy: No, somebody from the Instructables staff did not post a version of your instructable.