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External power supply for Arduino project Answered

Hi all, I'm encountering issues while attempting to supply power to 6 servos, attached to an Arduino Due via a sensor shield. The servo model is Hitec HS-8370th, with 6.0 V to 7.4 V as voltage request; I'm trying to power separately the Arduino and the servos (as prompted by the whole onlne community) but I still can't find the proper combination of wiring and components. Arduino needs to be always connected to my laptop for transferring data to Python, so I thought I could simply use USB supply for powering the board; on the other hand, voltage and current requests by servos (joined with common sense) suggest the use of some external battery.

What kind of battery should I pick?

Moreover, should I put a capacitor (I found this rule of thumb: 100 microF per servo to guarantee current stability; so I bought a 1000 microF capacitor) between the supply and the servos?

Thank you in advance



7 days ago

As already said so nicely you only need common ground.
Without batteries a capacitor or LC combo is only required if the power supply has a bad output quality.
Wiring and coding examples can be found in the Arduino Playground - just ask Google and then check the many available example for your needs.


Reply 6 days ago

Thank you for helping, so no need to add capacitor due to guaranteed battery output steadiness?

Ashraf Minhaj

7 days ago

Using a 7.4v power source has always been the best solution for me. Make sure to common the grounds.
Use 2s lipo or 2x 18650 lithium batteries.