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Extra Large Helmet for Golf Cart Answered

I have a Milwaukee Brewer themed golf cart and the only thing it is missing is a helmet for a roof.  It needs to be just a basic 80's baseball helmet (no ear flaps...like the ones they used to give away at the game) that is big enough to cover or replace the top of the my EZ-GO golf cart (about 80" long).  Has anyone seen one of these done before?  What kind of materials would I use to fabricate something like this?


Yeah, the weight did worry with me fiberglass. What about using a styrofoam base molded into the shape of the helmet then cover that with something to weatherproof it? I've found quite a few sites that say their product will weatherproof styrofoam. Here's one of them: http://www.industrialpolymers.com/product-list/styrospray-product-list/styrospray/

Thats going to add a good bit of weight to the cart slowing it down and reducing the amount of drive time you have with it. Asuming the golf cart isn't gas powered.

Probably fiberglass formed from a mold of a giant helmet. You might want to make it out of some kind of metal tube frame or bent PVC pipe or fiberglass tent poles and stretch vinyl, ripstop nylon, or sailcloth over to give you a lighter helmet, kind of like those roll-out awning covers. Good luck.