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Extracting elements Answered

Me and my friends are having a competition on who can fill their periodic tables with the purest element samples for the least amount of money. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to get less common elements such as gallium, tungsten, calcium, sodium, etc.


you can also get argon and oxygen at the same welding supply shop. some will have nitrogen and helium too.

tungsten can be found in small rods of various sizes up to about 1/8" at welding shops. the stuff with the green band at the end is pure W.

 Sodium can be extracted using a pyrotechnic method. 
you react sodium hydroxide with magnesium powder. mix them well in a crucible, and then using a fuse, ignite the mixture.  The result is elemental sodium. BE CAREFUL!!! this process is FAR from safest.


8 years ago

Looks dangerous but there's an instructable for sodium, I'd think twice and get supervision before doing it however,


Well for Sodium I have actually been collaborating with a chemist friend of mine on the construction of a Down's Cell, though I probably won't have it built until this summer. If I do ever get to building it, I will definitely post an instructable.