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Extreme Pants! Answered

Pants, in an extreme way.


Doesn't he realize the fashion today is to walk around with your trousers to your knees with your boxers hanging out back making all of this unnecessary?

this is awesome, but jumping in these pants would totally bunch up your boxers...

Somehow a slight miscalculation sounds, um, painful.


10 years ago

I don't get it. What's going on in the picture? Oh, wait a minute, is the guy on top gonna jump into the pants the other guy is holding? If so, extreme pants FTW!

I lessthanthree internet. <3

This is a wonderful sport, I hope it takes on...

Awesome! last was best

This is one of those vids that was just made for YouTube.

backfilp and off the shoulders was the best. Gotta love the guy in the blue shirt.

That. is. awesome.