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EyeTracking (with Wii )... !! possible? Answered

For those who are thinking to themselves "Jonny Chung beat you to it long time ago".... Don't jump to conclusion. I'm here to use his idea and give it a little twist. (if its possible that is)

So let me know if this is worth pursuing... because i'm sure someone must have thought of this already... I'm also nowhere close to being a developer... with that said lets jump into what i want to call

Basically i want to use our EYES to reflect Infrared to the wiimote to calibrate the movement ... and capture it and do something cool with it...  

 -  steer a car in a racing game...
 -  look around in a 3d environment  just by moving ur head...
 -  maybe even use it as a mouse and Wink with one eye to click?

im waiting for a friend of mine to find time to build me that IR LED board Jonny Chung used in one of his videos. IF anyone thinks this is something to look into, I would like to be notified.



8 years ago

It's possible but you'll have to be able to program the Wii.

A better plan might be to build the tracking mech and software using an arduino that would output the info into the normal controller inputs of the wii.

Have you seen this alternative.  I used one for about a year on a flight simulator that i built.  Pretty realistic.  And they've already done most of the work for you.


Answer 8 years ago

its a headtracking system... costing 99 dollars.. this is exactly the thing i want to make "alternatives" for... so instead of buying that system... imagine just your PC and Wiimote with sum infrared lights to shine off ur eye... if someone did exactly that ... i'm sure it'll be pretty cool for some novelty features in games or just to keep the kids occupied..


Answer 8 years ago

The eye tracking is going to be more difficult. You are going to have to be much more accurate since you're working with a much smaller range of movement'.

The tracker is going to have to be mounted on the head and very secure or you'll have to re calibrate it very often.

How good are you at programming.  This is going to take some off the wall programming since I doubt that there is any off the shelf software available.  But I could be wrong on that.

You might look into some of the ADA type stuff for wheelchair controlling.

One last thought, I'll bet you end up spending MUCH more than $99 on the project unless you have a very well stocked junk box.

Good luck and as always document it so you can post it here as an instrucable.