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Eyeball Game Answered

Check it out! How accurate is your eyeballing?

-mine, not so good. =) about an average of 6-7Units out.



Bah. I'm on the wrong side of the bell curve D:


9 years ago

Your inaccuracy by category:

Parallelogram 3.0 7.3 7.0
Midpoint 3.6 2.2 3.6
Bisect angle 6.5 2.3 1.2
Triangle center 5.2 4.0 9.2
Circle center 7.8 4.1 2.2
Right angle 0.6 0.8 0.2
Convergence 7.1 3.0 4.0

Average error: 4.04 (lower is better)

Man, check out those right angle scores! It seems I pwn at angles but wasn't as good at "find the centre". Years of geometry pay off in the most meagre way possible.

Also, gmjhowe- you used a ruler! J'accuse!

haha, suckers! i rule the world! check me out. Also, i would like to add that mine is not photoshopped, as i know some people might think so.

Picture 2.png

thats 1.58 for those who cant be botherd to click on the link

Picture 2.png

I got 4.03

5.48 I was doing good, but I rushed at the end