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Eyeball Yarn Answered

Though I dearly love eyelash yarn, this eyeball yarn takes the cake.

It's vitreous humor, from insubordiknit.com:
Ever wish you had eyes on the back of your head? Well now you can have them all over your head, bwahahaha...or your neck...or wherever you choose to don your knitted eyeball item.

Five colorways of handpainted merino wool with scads of handdyed tussah silk noils, soysilk, organic cotton and ingeo then corespun the yarn thick and thin, poofy and tight, so that it would resemble a mass of muscley eye innards. Spun in, nice and tight, are 13-15 hand felted eyeballs Note -- these are NOT plied in or tied in! They are spun in, part of the actual yarn.

They seem to have a podcast too, and promise more background on this yarn in the 4th episode.


Check out the summer yarns contest today, and vote for your favorite!

Looks like the FSM has had a nasty accident!

got hit by a tornado, no doubt :-) Just think, you could put it one someone else and tell them you are "keeping your eyes on them" :-)

I just looked at the site - $48 for around 80 yards of wool!

(That distant thud you heard was the sound of my wife's jaw hitting the ground)

That's why I'm linking in the forums rather than purchasing my own! Er, I mean it's because they're sold out.

Oh ouch. One could hopefully do better with one's own set of small plastic eyeballs and some yarn, surely ?

Should be good for Halloween stuff!