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F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade Answered


This is the new grenade i talked about in my new magazine forum topic: Here

It uses a spring motor that is activate by pushing up the pin on the bottom (after being cranked) to fling shrapnel to distances not achievable by your average run-of-the-mill grenades...or should I say blunt throwing objects...*cough cough*. On average, this grenade can fling various shrapnel (green rods, ball joints and connectors, etc...) up to 25 feet. The best feature of the grenade, besides its blast radius, is how YOU DON'T NEED TO REASSEMBLE IT; you just reload the shrapnel, and toss again.

I also have a slightly different version of this that can be fired from a Knex RPG!!!!! (coming later this year, because the M4 is using most of my pieces).

If you want i will post an instructable for it but you can probably build from pictures.


the best grenade I've seen well done.

besides splodes. i think they will always be the best.

that just makes them better, you can have the pieces for them in your pocket and build them really fast.

ya but when you throw them you have no idea which way they detonate, they are easy to come apart in your hand, and they do minor damage. i'm not saying mine does alot of damage (though it does hurt a little), but most knex grenades are used to distract. Green connectors can only do so much.

Detonate?? I thought that was supposed to involve hot expanding gases moving at supersonic speeds, not flying bits of knex...

at this stage, we are limited to knex with only a 5+ age limit

no i meant the current form of k'nex is meant for age 5 and up right now, where explosives are too dangerous for anyone that low in age

Yah but that is no excuse for incorrect terminology.

thanks...do you think instructions are necessary?

nice grenade. you like hockey? flyers are good, but i like blues and avalanche. go blues!

ya i play goalie in ice hockey and roller hockey