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FIMO clay, how to re-constitute it ? Answered

I have a lot of FIMO,and I just opened a pack of it. It started to crumble when I tried to shape it on the ends. I tried some water, no help, I tried to warm it a little, no good. Anyone know how to make it supple and workable again. Maybe some type of oil ? Not sure what is in it. No ingredients on the package. Thanks. 


Polymer clay is basically "PVC and plasticizers". The chemicals that make it all soft and smooshy do dry out over time and the softener linked will replace them. Restoring it towards it's original condition somewhat. I never had huge success with it, could be my fault, I should look into it...but I digress.

Polymer clay needs to be conditioned though, more so as it ages. Did you try mixing it up really well between your fingers? I've got Sculpey that is several years old that takes a bit of extra work to condition but once it's mixed up I can use it. Just not real nice to use, not as sticky so layers tend to pop while baking if you don't really push them together, it crumbles a little easier than the fresh stuff, etc, but it works well for bulking things out.

Sorry I was vague in my post: when I wrote "I'm not sure what is in it", I meant the conditioner :-) I was pointing it out to the original poster Trumphman :-)