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FINALLY got an opportunity to have a little alligator... Answered

Well, I finally was able to visit  Chef Prudomme's Cajun restaurant  and have a taste of some alligator tail. 

I wasn't expecting anything overly odd and wasn't  disappointed.  It WAS heavily soaked in andouille sausage and sauce on a bed of Jambalaya style rice; so it was rather spicy although not overly so IMHO.

Although it was different, it wasn't SO different as to taste odd in any way. I enjoyed it actually, but the price is a bit beyond my reach normally.


I've never had it, but they actually sell the meat in supermarkets down here. Did have some yummy fried oysters for brunch today.

Well, with a $30 off coupon, the bill for my wife and I still came to over $18

I did like the spiciness of it though :-)

My wife had a sea food pasta thing...

If I get a chance to return to the place,  I will be trying the Crawdad claws and tails  :-)

.  Crawdads are delicious (I love 'em boiled), but, unless those are some huge mudbugs, there's not enough meat in the claws to bother with. Bon appetite!

I've never tried them - is it easy to cook them yourself? What do you do, just rinse them and throw them in boiling water?

oh please jeebus don't ever just BOIL crawfish (or crabs for that matter). and if you're planning on steaming them, just go ahead and save yourself some time and just throw your money directly in the trash.

the secret to boiled crabs and boiled crawfish can be found in two places. one is old bay seasoning and the other is zatarain's crab boil. put both in the pot and boil away. you can't go wrong with old bay and zatarain's.

Sounds like you don't like the flavor of crabs or crawfish. Want some ketchup to smother them in? ;-)

Indeed....I have had enough "blue crab" to know just how little taste there is in the meat if it is not seasoned well. And yes, steaming them with the old bay both in the water and on the crabs themselves seems necessary to get them to have a little taste (not to mention getting enough of the seasoning on your hands so you can't avoid getting it into your mouth ;-)

Lol - I'll keep that in mind. I like old bay, and I think I also like zatarain, so that sounds good.

and throw the cover on real quick.. Don't wan't to hear those tiny little screams...

Ever heard barbecued tarantula? It was on TV a couple of weeks ago - "They're ready when they start to squeal".

Heard of it, but I can only go so far with foods. Grubs, mountain oysters, and spiders I simply decline :-)
Not that I haven't eaten a spide, but it was quite accidental and he (she?) wasn't cooked.....felt like the little legs stayed caught in my throat all night (it drowned in my soda and I didn't notice it until I drank it...must have dropped into the drink from the ceiling).

they say lobster scream too, well you can hear it, but it is probably leg/claw scraping ;-)

Cool, thanks....I got THIS LINK from there, and it seems easy enough....although the "preoprep" is a bit cumbersome (I'd have to get someone else to cook them I am afraid, because of that).

I doubt that they are much different then "crabs", which don't really have a whole lot of flavor, that comes out with the spices.

Well, bay crabs around here are not much bigger, and people dig the meat out of those tiny legs....

It might be awhile before I can afford to go back though, it was a bit priceier than I like.

That's a good deal, my wife and I used a groupon for our lunch today, so we saved $20, but still spent $35.

As an aside, Friday we went out to celebrate my birthday with 11 of my friends, I picked up the bar tab, boy oh boy!!!!!

I would be inclined to order with "Make it snappy"

Yeah, I told my wife that, if I SNAP at here after the meal, she'll know why :-)

Alligator is great as long as it's cleaned properly before it's cooked. if there's ANY fat left on it, you'll know about it before they even bring the plate to your table. cooked gator fat smells HORRIBLE and it's taste is the only thing i can think of that's worse than the smell.

Interesting....this was a bit fatty, but not overly so (not like some cuts of beef), and although it had an "interesting" smell, the taste was good even if a bit different than anything I was accustomed to. It was fairly heavily spiced too.