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FINALLY some new ibles from Keith-kid! Answered

Well, ladies and gentleman, the Kid, is back!

I'm FINALLY making some ibles. I'm a bit ashamed, cuz its mostly crafts, but I'm finally working on ibles.

This time, they're a bit better quality than before......

ANYWAY, the reason for this thread: New ible in like one year:

Recording Audio for videos and animations: A Few Quick tips and tricks

Long title aside, I think its a good ible....


What's wrong with crafts?

Dang it. I was going to quote from my copy of the instructables book, but unfortunately it's in the garage and I don't feel like walking all the way down there. Allow me to paraphrase... Crafts can be cool and manly. Randofo has spoken!

Instructuvus Primoris; The Gospel according to Randy 9: 1-6

For years, I was under the impression that “crafting”was an activity for bored grandmothers smelling of potpourri, or New Age hippies selling homemade hand soap. Not to disparage perfumed grandmothers or soap-hocking hippies, but crafting seemed as foreign to me as the surface of the moon. Somewhere along the line, my thinking changed, roughly around the time that people started viewing my Instructables and describing them as “Craft.” At first, I was outraged. I wasn’t crocheting doilies; I wasn’t making soap. I wasn’t even using natural fibers! I had inadvertently stumbled into an emerging craft movement that had directly spawned from the DIY(do it yourself) ethos of previous decades. This new wave of crafters didn’t lean on tradition so much as modify, mash up, subvert, and transcend standard conventions. Shunning store-bought items for handmade, this maverick community of crafters believes in making things themselves, by whatever means necessary. Frequently, hefty ideas are constrained by thin wallets, limited tool sets, and modest materials, leading to a resourcefulness and flexibility that can rival ahighly trained Navy SEAL. With equal parts independent thinking, unconventional materials, and highly unorthodox methodologies, crafters on Instructables create objects that are both useful and personally meaningful. It’s this tendency towards extreme personalization that makes a trip to Instructables such a treat. Say you need a wallet. Go to a store and wallets might be made of leather, orvinyl, or canvas,but they’ll roughly be of the same style, size, and material. Go to Instructables, and you’ll find dozens made out of everything from playing cardsto inner tubes, all constructed with more design variance than seems possible. It’s this endless variety, spurred on by fierce individualism, that makes the Instructables Craft community like no other. – Randy Sarafan - Craft, p. 176, forward

"soap-hocking hippies" Should I read this as "soap-dodging" or "soap-selling"? L

Soap-selling, yes - hocking can mean to pawn something.

What's it mean over there...?

Over here there is hawking (in that context?). Whereas "Hockling" is "spitting", in some parts...


Is doth lair a monastery or nunnery where one can recite passages from the good book of Instructables by rote and spend countless hours most devotedly by the dim CRT light manually transcribing the manuscripts for future generations or do you just have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands?

Neither - some poor soul already typed it up on the interblag (albeit with no spaces between punctuation marks, had to correct that). :D

I object! Why can't a boy knit and a girl weld without anyone thinking twice? Making just shouldn't be yet another area of life cut cleanly along gender lines.

Huzzah! Everyone should do as they please! I'm glad to say that I can sew, and use a power saw.

I can bake a cake, make frosting, hit a baseball and play video games, make a big snapper, watch zombie movies, can slow dance, and memorize questions that have nothing to do with anything. =P

Actually, that could be possible if I get in a relationship in the future. I don't like watching sports, but enjoy cooking.

I wouldn't really care. We would both be doing what we wanted I suppose.

I'm afraid to even think about it.... touche, sir. Touche.

Grits teeth

Have a look at my recent projects...

Bleh, but some of yours involve wood and powertools..... Besides, youre Kiteman, its ok if you post crafts.

Yeah, I have been working on the finishing touches to a very simple one that could have been done in a few hours, but I needed one component, and then I didn't want it to look crummy like my contraptions, so I am spending some time prettying it up. :-)

your just Kidd Kidd aint ya?