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FINISHED EXAMS !! Let the 'ibles roll ! Answered

Hi everyone, I finished my last exam today and now i have an 11 week holiday completely free (well -1 week for life-gaurd training :P) Im planning on making LOADS of instructables :D Who else has finished exams/school year ??


Gah! I finished in late May... two weeks off and then off to summer school! =P

I switched schools mid-year and lost virtually all of my credits.

Nope. Not anymore. I got my real brain back. (The President's been abusing it lately)

Where are you receiving life guard training? I am interested in becoming a life guard, at least as a summer job.

Im in uk and there's a course near me, just as a summer job, lifegaurds get paid more than shelf-stackers and burger-flippers and generally have flexible timetables. Im definitely not doing it as a future career :P Oh btw your new avatar is great :D

Just curious, did your year have a prank day?

I finished three days ago. It's so strange, the school year went by so fast it just doesn't seem like summer yet. It feels like it should be the middle of the school year right now, not the end.

Same here....guess with all that happened late 2007, and up to around may, we just didn't notice.......what with gas prices complaints......meh

Haha I've been free for 2 months now!

My kids were out May 14. I wish I could take off work till late August too!

Nice one, most of my mates are out already but that's A levels so I suppose, enjoy your freedom...

So what's on your list of Instructables to create/document?

A jar candle Assasin knife Ipod mod something from hitman

and that only the ones im telling you about .....

I finished like a week and a half ago. Im looking for a big summer project.

You finished today? We got escorted off the premises of our school on the 11th :D