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FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE: What will I need to know/do? Advice? Answered

I plan to order my plane ticket online, using priceline. What happens when you do that? Do they e-mail it to you?

What will happen at the airport, ie, what will I have to do in order to get onto my flight?
Also, my flight makes multiple stops. Will I have to claim my luggage at each stop and move it to the new plane i'll be in?
Thanks, I really have no idea about flying XD


Are you flying out of the country where you live? If so you will need a valid passport.  Don't pack any pointy or sharp objects in your hand luggage (the bag you will carry on to the plane with you), also any liquids you take in your hand baggage need to be in containers less than 100ml (3 fl oz?) and all fit into a 7" square ziplock bag.

Put all your other stuff (and your nail scissors/leatherman/screwdrivers etc) into your suitcase or holdall or rucksack and that gets "checked" onto the plane when you arrive at the airport.  Sometimes you need to reclaim it on entering an country (we do when travelling from the UK to the US) and then re-check it onto your on-going flight, more often than not it is checked right through to your final destination.

If your flight is long enough to have a film or audio entertainment take your own comfortable headphones, but you will need an adaptor to fit the plane twin-socket.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes which slip on and off.  Remember that you will have to go though a metal detector gate so a jacket which slips off easily is also a good idea - put all our small change, keys and cell phone in your jacket pocket to go through the X-ray machine.  Don't forget to take the pocket knife off your keyring and leave it at home or put it in your big luggage.

Take a good book or three, there can be lots of waiting around.

Oh yes, and HAVE FUN!

Thanks for the help! I'm flying to Hawaii :)

The wings flex substantially. It's really cool the first time you see it. I was 18 when I took my flight. Granted I can still count the number of jets I've flown in using my hands... @50...sad life for a guy who grew up wanting to learn to fly. Have a great time

Sure do. It's like the airframe hangs off the wing tips...that's the best way for me to illustrate it. Planes weigh quite a bit, and the wings, after all, do hold it up. when the plane leaves the ground, the wings do their job, and they flex as the weight is transferred from the wheels to the wings. It was neato to experience and I recommend watching the wing tips during takeoff to anyone who is on their first flight.

Dont hide any drugs up your hoop?

Kilt Y

8 years ago

1)Smile and Relax! It'll be a fun adventure!

2)Order ticket online:
  a. You may have to set up an account with the website (expedia, priceline, cheaptickets, etc) with your email address. The site will tell you to register if you do.
  b. Purchase ticket with credit card. Print receipt after confirming purchase.  This ensures you have the right times/destinations at hand
  c. Website should send you an email confirmation with the same info on your receipt. This may be an "electronic ticket"  with a barcode, or it may have a confirmation code such as GC129EF or some gibberish.

3)Pack lightly.  Use guidance from first answer for packing
  a.You can have a carry-on bag and a small laptop/purse to carry with you. 
  b.Bigger suitcases will be checked in later.
4)Drive to the airport
  a.Go to the departures part of the airport to your appropriate airline counter (Delta/United/USAIR etc). 
  b.Give them your electronic ticket, tell them your destination/time, and any Identification as required
  c. If you have big bags you will check them now.  They'll tell you how
  d. They will give you a boarding pass (multiple boarding passes if you are making stops along the way).  They will tell you your gate, (ie C12 or A2) and flight (eg Delta3196)  Ask them how to get to the appropriate gate.

5)Go to your gate
a. Take your boarding pass, ID, and carry-on luggage
b. You will go through security screening on your way to your gate.  Follow the people in front of you/advice from TSA
c. TV screens also tell you where your aircraft is located

6)board the aircraft at your gate. 
a.  Board your aircraft when the people at the counter call for it (ie "Now boarding all rows Delta 3196 to Atlanta")
b.  Find your seat, stow your luggage, get comfy.


  a.  Follow instructions of flight attendants.
  b.  If arriving at your final destination, proceed to baggage claim to pick up any checked luggage, then leave the airport
  c.  If you have multiple stops before your final destination, exit the aircraft with your carry-on luggage and proceed to the next gate.  Use the TVscreens to determine if your gate is in a different part of the airport (Ie concourse "A" might be a long ways from concourse "C", so to go from gate A12 to gate C23, you might need to take a mini shuttle or walk to the other concourse).  If you get confused, just ask an attendant.


Usually I believe you collect your (online) tickets at the airport, the website should tell you.
You'd need to check yourself and luggage-in (at a desk, with your tickets and any other doccuments you might need such as a passport).
They should give you a boarding card, you find out which gate you need to be at and when, and you make sure to get there on time.
Your luggage gets returned to you when you leave the airport, for transfers where you don't stopover they ought to move the luggage to the next plane without you touching it.
Check the terms on the tickets, check what your insurance does/doesn't cover you for.


Order the ticket with the EXACT name as on your ID. Otherwise they may not give it to you when you get to the airport.

Well yes, very important point.