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FIRST GUN Answered

I am a 13 year old boy and I want my first gun. Any suggestions?


Single shot .22 is a good starter. That is what my husband taught our son shooting skills and safety on. The ammo is affordable and you can use them at all the ranges.

all of them

Air rifle and get someone who knows to show you how to use it safely.

Dangerous up to 100 yards.

A simple 22 is your best choice. No scope or other bells and whistles. You use this to learn propper shooting and grouping your shots with ol' iron sights, then you can work your way up to scopes and larger guns. The ammo is as cheap as you can get, so allows more practice for less.

Stay safe and have fun.

A 20 gauge single barrel shotgun makes a good first gun. It has a limited danger zone. A 22 is dangerous up to a mile.