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FIY battery problem Answered

I got scammed and bought that junk... Swivel Sweeper. A few million others also did. The battery died only a month later. I've been trying to make a surrogate battery because I don't want to give them anymore money for a replacement battery. Any ideas?


i cut it around the centre join and then cleaned up the join.

Obtained 6 AA 2400mah ni-mh with solder tabs from jaycar.

I soldered them together and placed them back in and glued the case back together. It works excellent.

The charger died so i pulled it apart, used the board with the led only.

Inserted a power socket plug in the top and wired it up to existing output connectors and glued it together.

I had a old uniden dc adaptor of 9v @ 350ma which works well

. With the battery specs - volts, amp-hours, physical size/shape, markings - someone may be able to help.

Just took a dead one apart. Inside it says: GP Ni-MH Battery P/N:GP150AAHC6X 7.2v 1500mAh D5 The pack itself looks like it's 6 AA's. (I tried to post an ACSII diagram of the battery configuration, but instructables doesn't seem to like it.) Hopefully this information can help someone rebuild one. I tried using AA's, but that was not the greatest of ideas (they got really hot and started to burn the electrical tape). My thought it to replace this battery with a 7.2v designed to power an RC device. If I do, will let you know how it turns out.

can you please tell us how to take the swivel sweeper battery case apart? I just don't see any way to open it up to check the batteries and possibly replace. Hope you can help.

EdwinD1; It's been a *very* loooooooong time since I dealt with a swivel sweeper. I think I just pried the top off as the unit was dead.


10 years ago

That's the unfortunate trend in corporate sales strategy these days, i.e., sell product cheap but charge steep for replacement items. Look at printers and replacement ink cartridges. Battery specs: - rechargeable 7.2V Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery - battery charger model XR-DC080200 - input 120V AC 60Hz 6W - output 7.5V DC 200mA - class 2 power adapter If anyone knows of any website or of any ingenious way to 'rebuild' a battery, please do tell. Thanks! p.s. Regarding my handle... I've been to Kanata, a city near the capital of Canada where I went for a consulting job. Nice area, especially during the autumn.

I don't know how big the battery pack is but you will get 7.2V by putting 6 AA's in series. Buy Ni-MH and go for at least 2000mAh cells. Cheers, Pat. Pending


10 years ago

It's supposed to be rechargeable... but the scam is, it quit holding charge after a month. Many has been posting complaints about this scam battery. I'm sure there are brainiacs on this site who can help bring down this Swivel Sweeper battery scam... any help much appreciated!

I looked up the site. My wife got one (or something very similar to it) about 2 months ago from a hardware store. She uses it quite heavily, and has recharged the battery frequently. It sounds like they had a bad run on batteries. They sure should have some kind of warranty that should replace such an obviously defective item. If they get enough complaints, something should be done about it.

PS: Your moniker sounds like an area in Ontario, yes ?

Sorry, that is probably private....my bad


You mean it is not rechargeable or that it quit holding a charge ?