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FM Transmitter ideas Answered

hey guys i recently bought a maccally fm cup at walmart. it was on clearance for $7.50 so i got 2 incase i ever needed some spare parts on the cheap. so now i have this extra FM transmitter, and i would like some ideas as to what i could do with it. The best i have come up with so far is putting the whole thing in something else (like a project box) because my cupholder is not the best location for my ipod.


Wire it to your TV's speakers and fill your living room with old radios.

You could probably take it apart, and reform the whole thing to fit whatever form you like. Instead of it being cup shaped, it could fit in whatever little space you have handy.

ya I just took it apart there is one small board for the power and line in, and a larger board with everything else the iPod connector and the other board connect to it withand ribbon and wires with clips on the ends. There is a fair bit of slack on both so I dont think it will be a problem moving things around. Anyone have any ideas for mods to do to this or a good place to transplant it too?

Why not do what everyone else does, and just stick it in an Altoids container?

I thought of that acually. But I want to do smoething diffrent.

What? You have a cup, and it transmits FM? To what? and why?

ha ha yes its magic. No its a iPod dock that fits in a car cup holder and transmits fm to the car radio so I can listen to my iPod In the car. It also has a line in so I can listen to other mp3 players or my laptop.