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I was innocently running domains through a tracer. And you know what I found?


You...you registered with GoDaddy. How COULD YOU?!?!

No, don't try to deny it. There's no denying this. The proof is right there for the world to see. I can't believe you played me like this. We are THROUGH, Eric, do you hear me, THROUGH, and this time I mean it. I. Cannot. Believe. you hid this from me all this time. 

No, don't say anything. I don't even want to look at you right now. I feel sick to my stomach. I'm just so disappointed right now. I thought I knew you.

But you're just like all my exes. 

Jack from Wikihow called me last night. I told him no but now I'm calling back and saying yes. 

I hope you're proud of yourself. We had something special.


That picture I posted is also a humorous picture, found on uncyclopedia.

Is this bad?  Why?

Well, GoDaddy just plain stinks for a variety of reasons (poor customer service, stupid interface, objectification of females in advertising, etc, etc). So, yeah, I wouldn't have chosen it. :P

Seriously, I had never heard of GoDaddy before now.

They are the people Instructables pays to have the name Instructables?

If you watched the SUPER Bowl! (us Americans need to convince ourselves that we're the best...) You'd see a myriad of ads for godaddy....

I think so - at least, they registered through GoDaddy. I'm not sure if they just handled the request or actually are the company that charges the company for the domain.

It's just a domain registration, like buying gasoline - it's still gasoline. Would you condemn some one for filling-up at (I don't know the US but, Exxon?) rather than somewhere else? If the thing runs, does 5 minutes (if that) paperwork years ago really count for anything?


Where I live, people get shamed for going to certain "Non-Local" gas stations :P

Why is that? (I wouldn't know)


In some communities you are expected to support the local merchants and businessmen instead of using the services of large businesses or franchises.

Yes I get that. But it must be hard in a country full of big national / global chains, like Wal-Mart.
Franchisees can be local, there's a bit more grey in that area.


For instance, my neighborhood, we just had a walmart planted in our soil.  There is another one around 20 minutes drive away, and they thought it would be good for our area. 

All of the local businesses are suffering, including grocers, hardware stores, and restaurants.

It's expected that if you live in the area, you are supposed to try to keep them open.  The customer service is better, and they know the area like no other store can.  It is unfortunate that their demise is imminent. 

Yeah, the only national chain store is Shell™, and that's because no other company would supply gas here.

No, it's true. I tried to transfer the registration of my domain from GoDaddy and underwent countless problems. Then I decided to just wait out the expiration (it was only a few months) and buy it from my host, big mistake. I got a ridiculous number of e-mails from them after the expiration date asking me to renew, and then they held on to the domain after that, posting a page with ads so it wasn't available for purchase.

Yes, if Exxon kills bebehs I care if you buy your gas there. :P

I know what you mean, but Instructables is better than that, and they just need a provider. Do you want them to reset the whole thing? It may be wrong, but if you can't stand it, tell one of the staff people about it, but I don't think they'd change it.

Did you know it's possible to (a) use GD without having to deal with their interface at all; and (b) find them as a cheap DNS service without ever having seen their advertisements?  My wife and I have used them for two different domains over the past several years, and I only recently started seeing (shudder) TV commercials from them.

Yes, I did know that - they are still tainted with the GoDaddy name. :P

 GoDaddy has a history of SOMEWHAT risque advertisments featuring lady competitors in cool sports, such as Danica Patrik (indy car driver) and that hot blonde poker champ....

I actually wasn't even thinking that...just their horrible service . :P

 Sorry Rain, but um, when I went forth into the world to register my domain, GoDaddy was the first, last, and only consideration :D

Their marketing sought out one very large group of 'net users, and well they have them entranced...

Danica Patrik is a very awesome person, when such people crop up,, I really dont have issues with seeing a lot of them.

That's just silly, it's like buying the cereal for the box - okay I guess, as long as you don't mind eating shredded carpet pencil shavings if the advertisers over-hype...

 What can I say, this Texan appreciates fine packaging :D

Should have gone with Bluehost,
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cheaper, prolly' no need for pro either, with all of the saved money

Me and Luke agree they have great marketing XD

maybe nsfw ?

That comment about Jack cuts to the bone!

I'm sorry but I cannot stop laughing at this!

Who cares?  The site is still awesome, no matter what they registered with.

Instructables was with GoDaddy before they were with you!

AKA, GoDaddy is the wife, and you LR, are the secondary girlfriend!  Not the other way around!

I...I...it's not true! He may be a cheating philandering son-of-a-gun, but he was mine first!

No he's not, and you know it!  The first stage of overcoming your denial that you're trying to break up a wonderful relationship is to accept it!

How dare you try to break them apart?!  Do you have no soul?

It goes against everything we both believe in! I just can't believe this is the site I signed up for.

Sometimes people are ignorant before they see the light.

Do you remember using Internet Explorer?

Now you know that using Firefox is the good of the world, and Internet Explorer is the scourge.  Does that excuse the 70 percent of internet users that uses it? No, but it doesn't make them bad.

That might have been a long time ago?


It was the allure of Danica Patrick, wasn't it?  I would make the obvious car-innuendo, but I think we know why you did it!