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FREE DOWNLOAD Anarchy Cookbook Version 2000 Answered

Beware, this download can can you into trouble with law enforcement as well as injuring yourself, others and property. Read with care, and use your common sense. There are 219 items, but below is just a selection. Versions of this book have been on various sites on the www for some years.


Pictures and Reformatting for Word6 by Louis Helm
Table of Contents
1.Counterfeiting Money
2.Credit Card Fraud
4.Picking Master Locks
5.The Arts of Lockpicking I
6.The Arts of Lockpicking II
8.High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox
27.How to make Potassium Nitrate
28.Exploding Lightbulbs
29.Under water igniters
30.Home-brew blast cannon
35.Phone Systems Tutorial I
36.Phone Systems Tutorial II
37.Basic Alliance Teleconferencing
38.Aqua Box Plans
39.Hindenberg Bomb
41.Phone Systems Tutorial III
42.Black Box Plans
43.The Blotto Box
45.Brown Box Plans
46.Calcium Carbide Bomb
47.More Ways to Send a Car to Hell
48.Ripping off Change Machines
49.Clear Box Plans
91.Remote Informer Issue #4
92.Remote Informer Issue #5
93.Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines
94.Ma-Bell Tutorial
95.Getting Money out of Pay Phones
96.Computer-based PBX
97.PC-Pursuit Port Statistics
98.Pearl Box Plans
99.The Phreak File
100.Red Box Plans
102.Scarlet Box Plans
103.Silver Box Plans
104.Bell Trashing
105.Canadian WATS Phonebook
106.Hacking TRW
107.Hacking VAX & UNIX
108.Verification Circuits
109.White Box Plans
110.The BLAST Box



I hear it is quite out of date, it there another book like this that is more up to date? :D

As far as I know this is the best there is, most of the stuff in there is out of date but the explosives and some of the other ideas do work still...

It's an internet collection of "stuff". Like those jokes you heard in the playground at school - they're still there like chickenpox. There may be an updated version, but I have a tendency to think it will have things added to it, and not much removed.


Is this any more accurate than the "original" cookbook?

That was downright dangerously wrong in places.

 I ignored a lot, mainly I wanted to learn what that phone hacking was about, as part of my interest in telephones

.  It's been 20 years or so since I read The Anarchist's Cookbook, but, IIRC, ALL the stuff about phone hacks is terribly out-of-date.

It's all out of date, but is a panoramic snapshot of the past. And I'll add that it is the best use of the Internet Archive /'ve seen so far (can't find the things I've looked for). But I'll dampen on that with - this stuff is so all over the internet it doesn't need to be dug out of an archive. Hoverver-ing - this is a past dated-copy from back then.


 I got RSS feeds letting me know all sorts of things, I can go through them pretty fast because of my memory, almost instantly I link items together and know which detail to review futher.

I do a unpaid news clipping service in return for favors, some local business get me forwarding items I pick up, I have even spotted possible new contracts coming up, before they get announced officially.

Once I wrote a letter to editor to support a local company to get a site on cheap rent, then rushed to withdraw it, when its manager told me, the landlord had forgotten to bill them for rent for years.

I told him, own up, honesty is the best policy.

He did not, now to retain that, he owes back rent, he wont, good bye site

Wow, how do you miss collecting rent? Too many properties perhaps. Yes I agree with you on that one - there's only so long you can go before someone finds out about these things.

I found out "we" hadn't paid for ~£1,700.00 worth of goods - someone was complaining that the goods-receipt was still accruing and could I fix that? When I spoke to the supplier it turned out someone had made an error and never invoiced us...
Did we miss out on some free-stuff? No, they'd get audited, they'd bill us one day, might as well be honest about it.


 It went for 2-3 years.

The property was part of a business here in Porirua. The manager believed the rent was paid.

But his head office in Auckland had forgotten all about invoicing.

Consequence of centralizing their accounts department to Auckland, they could no longer look out the window and see the property being used.

The local manager saw the property being used, but had no access to the billing department in Auckland

at the pantyhose factory, when the ladies began doing the invoices for goods out, in the Warehouse rather than the front office doing it, they made errors entering what went out.

The Ops manager studied the situation and our $60 (1986) per hour programmer flew down from Auckland to add a formula to the spreed sheet on the main frame. For each invoice the ladies entered off their pick list, it calculated the nil stock which the ladies checked with the pick list.

3-4 months later, we went into emergency mode, somebody at a big Supermarket chain in Auckland had checked out computer generated invoice manually with a calculator, and shock horror, they had also been paying for the nil stocks.

That $60 per hour programmer from Auckland with his formula had programed the computer to ADD in the price of the nil stocks rather than IGNORE

Okay, honest mistake, but criminal he had not put thru at least a dozen dummy invoices then checked with a calculator.

Of cause, he knew computers never got calculations wrong, but forgot he could get things wrong. (same guy that fixed it after I got into the computer administrator account on a bet, and whom back next day because I got in again. He was on the plane in the air, when me and the ladies got promised a big morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

No programmer was needed to fix it the second time, all they needed to do, was delete my personal addmin access I set up the first time I sneaked in.

Could I have done it 3 times in a row? Very likely, but I did not want to loose my access card, I was the only person below manager that had a 24/7 access card that got me into the front office too. (I needed quick access to the fax and the file of purchase orders 24/7 if I got rung up at home at 8-pm and told the water siders were walking out at midnight, and we would have a batch of 40 footers on their side of fence.

PS, the watersiders liked walking out just as the first shipment of lamb for the season was ready to be shipped out to the UK)

That's interesting to me, it reminds me of plenty other things. If you know how things work / are supposed to work you do a few checks to be sure. Rely on the system and it's "not my fault" even to the extent that you're thinking "something isn't quite right here...".
Could you explain "watersiders" - it's a term I don't know?


 When you guys were meat starved during WW2 the ships coming to collect your meat orders had to be turned around ASAP.

So the guys in the hold, and on the wharf were doubled up, they were supposed to work flat out then take their turn resting. After the war, you guys still needed your meat in a hurry, so the guys were still doubled up. And it continued right up to when containers took over.

So every day at 6-pm on the TV news, there was almost always "And the water siders" -------- crippled NZ with their constant wage demands.

People drove their own cars on and off the rail ferries at Wellington and Picton

When the Government planned to run one of the same rail ferries once a week Wellington  to Christchurch, (no rail wagons, there was no link span at Christchurch) the profit/loss margin was marginal.

But brought into loss, because while people would still drive their cars off and on at Christchurch, the water siders threatened to go on strike unless each car going on and off the ferry had a water sider sitting beside the driver.

So the proposal never went ahead.

Its hard to know what a water sider is, but I can tell you, that they kept the Bristol Freighters very busy because whenever water siders were mentioned on the 6-pm news, the second item would be, the Bristol Freighters going on stand by. thats real power to be able to do that on a regular basis and get away with it for so long. (you know about Bristols  already)

That's a very good explanation, I get the meaning thanks.



I am 53, a lot of such stuff never got to NZ so I am still catching up, and will be doing so the day I die, hopefully that is still 70-80 years away, there is so much left to learn still ;-)

I might dig out my favorite bit tomorrow

People still ask for this (I guess that's why you posted it?), but I wouldn't recommend it. Hacking VAX for example shows how out-of date it is.
E.g. on Credit card fraud, it starts with "With the recent advent of plastic money", and advises you get hold of a carbon-sheet from a manual-swipe system.
And besides, it's not very good (Kiteman)


 Our taxis used zip-zap hand machines until recently, that uses a carbon?

And NZ's phone system I am told, is 10 years being the USA

I only just got ADSL 2

You lot would be well passed ADSL 5? :-)

I don't know zip-zap, but I'll drop a picture of what I'm seeing in there.
ASDL - the UK isn't that hot for data, there's talk of a big optical-fibre upgrade... A lot of people have cable though, and I'm on a 3G mobile connection.


card fits onto small machine, thin paper on top of card, zip zap, hand lever slides roller over card, embossing leaves impression on thin paper, no carbon paper I think now, the thin paper is sort of self carbon 

 yes, so is it still in use?

Our Telecom NZ G3 keeps crashing, people are are moving to Vodafone.

Telstraclear put out a great new package, people began leaving Telecom.

RIP Telecom NZ.  (They still got to put up a G3 tower in my area, they did not have consult as it was n their land by the exchange, but knew the residents been promised by the Council, they would be consulted. Telecom got the foundation down a year ago, then got forced to stop. The site was perfect, the 2 alternatives almost perfect, a year later the lawyers are still talking. The one company that consulted, put their tower up just two late, due to a storm coming thrught

They had a monopoly on the Copper last mile, which explains why we are 10 years behind.

Telstraclear 4 months ago began putting its hardware into Telecom exchanges.

Telecom got to keep the monopoly on the copper, in exchange for the NZ Share. If we got tough and took back the copper to let all providers have it, Telecom would have canceled the NZ Share.

Telstraclear has its own cable network in 3 areas of NZ

Telecom failed to upgrade, got forced to split of the copper and the exchanges into a separate company.

Our Kiwi share is safe as Telstraclear will continue it for their customer, Telecom has no choice but do the same for its customers

It explains how my brother gets $50 out of a ATM when he has no credit balance, and he did it more than once. And from it, I learnt how its been stopped by the banks.

Yes, it is historic, but its also a pretty good piece of reading, provided you are not silly to put anything into practice.

Because if anybody on Instructables is silly enough to try, he deserves to be locked up for life.

After all, this cook book has been around for years, you can be sure that everything in it, is NOW protected against.

Not sure if it was this version, but I recall one way to rob an ATM of a default amount of cash, was to find its data cable and cut it. That was in the days when you only had bank's ATMs and very few of them, and no point of sale terminals, so knocking one off the network was a really big customer service deal.

There are so many ways now, to cash out on your card that cutting a data cable to a ATM is useless, because it will just shut down and seal itself up because it might be under attack.

You can bet though, there is plenty of info about "card skimming" on the WWW now, NZ has not really been hit hard yet, the people caught so far, have all come from countries near Russian. (Nigeria sticks to email scams)

The UK had some of the first ATMs, there a customer could get plastic coded cards from the bank, when the bank was closed, he could put a card into the banks ATM, it kept the card, and then spit out a prepacked package of pound notes. Later when the bank refilled its ATM, it would enter all the plastic cards into their system, and the withdrawal would be deducted from the customers account.

Those days, it was about getting a little cash for places that could not process credit cards.

And that was the system, before the system came in, where cutting a ATM data cable was worthwhile.

a lot of my interest is because I am a technology historian and I thought others on Instructables would ENJOY it too.


You describe it rather well, and the history (like I mentioned) is interesting.

It's a collection of things found floating around the internet back then/when, a good "book" it doesn't make, more of a student "stew"?


no issue with my ssppeelling?

Yes, the origin of the cook book, is sometimes on my mind, maybe the author has life imprisonment now. 

see you later, I am flat out on other matters


Darn straight, downloading this can get you in future trouble with the Feds!  When the economy collapses, we will be under martial law.  Potential troublemakers will get first attention.  0bama is already scanning facebook and twitter for people putting out uncomplimentary comments about himself. 

You wouldn't think he'd have the time to spend scouring the internet...


His organization has hired a corporation to do the search.  They told the news what they had been hired to do.

I'm sorry, you gave me a vision of the man himself sat up late in front of the screen... cursing, writing names on a big list... What is "his organisation" - not the party I assume?


A big company, everybody working in it, does exactly what the CEO wants, they are a extension of his hands eyes ears and tongue.

And the CEO cops it, if one of his tongues says the wrong thing.

Half of what the President says in public, he has no understanding of whatsoever, he says as he is instructed to say. (Or else no second term)

He gave instructions for Instructables to be watched.

The Watcher reports back that his watchers have reported that Lemonie suggested the President curses.

The President tells his Adviser what the Watcher reported about Lemonie saying on Instructables. 

The Adviser goes away and asks his advisers for a report on options to silence Lemonie.

The Adviser reads the report from his advisers. The best option is for the CIA to take out Lemonie.

The Adviser writes a letter to the CIA, asking for Lemonie to be "taken out"

The Adviser telephones the President and says the Lemonie problem will be resolved tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, so its today when Lemonie got taken out.

Tomorrow one of the Adviser's advisers leaks the story to the new media.

Congress sets up a committee, a investigation starts. The tapes for the Presidents phone recordings are seized. (no more of the Nixon era, polite requests for the recordings)

The Watcher, the watchers, The Adviser, the advisers, and a unidentified man from the CIA gives evidence to the committee about the President spying on private citizens, and ordering the CIA to "take out" citizens that annoy (ed) him,  like Lemonie.

The President cops it, and is pardoned by the next President.

The Watcher and Adviser go to prison. (The Man from CIA never existed)

RIP Lemonie, the Constitution protected you in your hour of need.

Here's another scenario:
An economic crisis hits.  The president evokes all the emergency powers Bush set up for the president.  He controls everything "for the duration of the emergency" which is not scheduled to end any time soon.

As he arms the Acorn thugs, he looks around for "security risks."  Oh yes, this enemies list ...  Git 'em boys!


While your President does have a lot of power, your Congress can over rule him, they can impeach him too.

A top Judge can also overrule the President in some cases.

And the chiefs of the armed forces also have powers to overrule the President, this is in case the president goes nuts and orders a nuclear war

Nixon threatened to press the button if impeachment proceedings began, but he would been told about all the legal means there were, to stop him even getting close to the button.

Stop worrying about it, the cook book was only meant for fun in reading, it should not have led to the conversation we are in now.

Note lemonie's message above, appears he has gone into hiding.

The CIA goes where no North American dares to go, even places as bad as the United Kingdom. :-} (does not pay to upset our Queen)

Look at how the USA declared war on Iraq. It was not really about taking out dictators it was to safeguard the USA oil supply.

And its damn slow to get out, because it wants access to bases with long heavy duty runaways should Iran appear to be misbehaving enough to give the USA an excuse to move the carriers in, and Heavy Lifters to fly in peace keepers and their heavy weapons

I was enjoying the humourous vision of the President doing the job himself. You and Tim are welcome to enjoy the cloak-and-dagger stuff without me.


I would think that like newspapers, radio and TV every President for 50 years at least has had someone doing this? The extension to the internet is logical.


Every senior cabinet minister, Senator Congressman has a press secretary who also monitors the news media for anything adverse said about their boss.

Its all about protecting their boss's chances for reelection.

So, a senator voting for something, does he vote for what he knows is right, or for reelection?

So why should not the President do the same? 

Just don't get caught, otherwise you wont last long enough in power to reach the next election.

True.  This will be the second time in history we will have someone with dictatorial power in charge of the government.  This president avoids pledging allegiance to America.  He has Marxist leanings and Muslim leanings.  Both of those ideologies have no compunction against wholesale murder.  He is already taking actions that contradict the congress, such as supporting Acorn.  He took revenge against newsmen who reported what he didn't like -- during his campaign for president.

The first was Miles Standish, Lincoln's secretary of war.  He took charge of the defeated South and held much sway through the North.  When congress fired him as a threat, he refused to be fired.

 It is SOP for Presidents to hire such corporations. (In NZ we call corporations "companies"

The corporation you mention is proud to be hired, it will gain other business now.

If it was hired to do anything sinister, it would not go public, because then nobody would hire it again, as being untrustworthy

It is inevitable that the U.S. Dollar will collapse at some time soon.  We sure aren't going to pay off the huge debt!

When that happens, there will be a huge amount of violence in the streets.  The government (whoever it is) will take draconian measures to quell the violence with insufficient people.  If the leftists are in power, they will go after the patriots and Christians.  If the rightists are in power, they will go after anarchists of any stripe.

All this is unbelievable to Americans who haven't been out of the country.  For those who have, we have probably seen this sort of thing in other countries.  For those who haven't, go on youtube and look up "Argentina 2002."

 Why pay of the debt? Is it not SOP to borrow to pay back borrowings?

Like using your Visa Card to pay off your Mastercard

However, the SOP for the U SA not being able to pay off its debts, is to start a war, then the war economy takes off, price inflation hits  the moon.

Then the debt is reduced to a tenth of what it was, before the war and price inflation.

Problem solved, and I will submit my invoice for consultancy services AFTER the war and price inflation, meanwhile I will invest in the Aerospace Weapons Industry and make a killing there first.

The war gambit has been tried by Bush and now by 0bama.  It aint working anymore.  We also have used Teddy Roosevelt's dictum, "speak softly and carry a BIG stick."  But 0bama is not threatening with the military, to keep countries buying our Treasuries.  They are totally fed up with our Treasury debt bills.

When the run on the Dollar starts, it will go fast.  We will be wading in useless Dollars.

Where did you hear that. For some reason I doubt martial law will be put in place if the economy collapses, this would only incite riots.

In post-Katrina New Orleans, there was martial law.  They confiscated all firearms without constitutional process.  The thugs had a hay-day going from door to door robbing people after that.  Politically incorrect news.

If the riots are already taking place, they need to give the few law-enforcement people full sovereignty to do whatever they need to do to crush the riots and plundering.  The Army is called in to help the police.  To do that the military need arrest authority.  That's martial law.  Our army has that right now in Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyone who reads the AC for any other reason than a good laugh probably should be rounded up, for their own protection, the book is junk.

I should add, I removed items from the list above, that is why its not in sequence. Peter