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FREE Figure 8 Ring Jewelry Making Video Tutorial Answered

Hi all! 

Anybody interested to learn and make a beaded Figure 8 Ring? You can watch this free video tutorial that's uploaded on my blog.


You'd be better to post that as a proper instructable, rather than linking to a commercial site.

Hi Mr. Kiteman,

It's not a commercial site. It's my blog where I feature free jewelry making tutorials and anything about jewelry. The video is not mine so i cannot post it as instructables so I decided to post at the marketplace category. And since this is the marketplace category I can sell stuff here if ever I try to post stuffs for sale, right? I chose the "free stuff" sub-category because this post is for FREE. I think instructables also allows posting links leading to other sites. But thanks for the reminder. I'll try and contact instructables support and asks questions about posting and ask them if this post is not appropriate.

Thank you

Not commercial?

Right, so this isn't one of the posts that is linked to throughout the site...

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No worries Mr. Kiteman, I have already contacted instructable asking for clarification if these posts are inappropriate under their categories. If they are wrong I will personally delete them.

Thank you