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GorillazMiko is getting it lol


heh... runescape....

haven't actually played in a while...

but here are my stats.. if you care helza rich

RS stats.GIFRS stats2.GIF

Dude I've done a lot of stuff and never gotten rid of it
like i was a member on runescape for a while and quit like 3 years ago
i was on gaia and got some pretty cool stuff then got bored
if there's a chicken2209 out there it was probably me
i forget my neopets one but that was elementry school =P

lol, someone had a random bill engvall quote in there post saying its a lot not alot and i just used that in the first line.

:D yea that happened to me, thats why i gave my stuff away

I checked it out, Its a good account people !!! I took a screen shot of stats and items for you :D

Picture 1.pngPicture 2.png

9 years ago

you for got to put "picture unrelated" so people know its not about that picture. picture unrelated


but that picture is related because you are talking about unrelated pictures and you post a picture with picture unrelated

i want stuff

I play. Can I have your stuff?

really! ok cool, id be happy to give it to you, Can you go online now? i have to sleep soon, so if you get this within 30 miniutes , relpy and we can go to a world and ill give it to you

Okay, I'm Cowsquisher. We'll do it maybe tomorrow because you have to go. Also, I'm kind of busy. :P If it's 12:45 P.M. here in California, what time is it there?

im in uk and its 11:48 PM (in the evening) what time do you want to do it tomorrow?? Here is a meeting planner thing , green is good times, 8:00 am LA <<< 4:00 pm London <<< Maybe we could do this? if you dont mind getting up at 8am?

Picture 1.png

I have summer school for extra credits, I can start this Saturday at around 10 in the morning here, or something. Maybe earlier, like 9 A.M. Just don't give anything away, we'll do it this weekend, okay? Maybe 6:00 P.M. there would be good.

YO WASSUP DAWG. I'll do it when I get to my dad's work. I'll PM you, it'll be around 9:30 A.M. (here) or something around there.

ok thats fine, Saturday it is i wont give anything away :D you might have to pm me to remind me though :P

Crap! I didn't act fast enough!