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Free tool patches! Answered

...patches! Free tool patches!

[edit: original title must have looked too spammy...fixed]


Well, it's not quite as fun as real tools in the meatosphere, but it's almost as fun! Tools are so important for making stuff (duh). We couldn't live without tools.

Ask here for your favorite tool, and ye shall receive! Maximum 3 per customer, no exchanges or refunds. Nontransferable. Void where prohibited. 


can i please have a hammer,a drill, and a screw driver PLEASE.

I would totally appreciate your kindness in gifting me some tools for several ibles that I am working on. I seemed to have misplaced a hammer, wrench, and a drill! I am most happy with a hammer if you are limited though. Thanks! Have a super day!

If you still have patches left, how about... a hammer. That's a good tool. Anyway, thanks!

Could I have a dremel please! I'hve always wanted a dremel...


6 years ago

Please could I have a Machete and a Torque Wrench?, Thanks

P.S. I Subscribed and rated 5*

an axe.if you were on a island it would be the one tool i would take

rate this its a good question!

Are you still giving patches? I would like a hammer, a leatherman, and a computer (it is indeed a tool).

can i get a leprechaun, machete, and a wrench please

Me me me me next! Um, I want a dice, a bunny, and something of your choice!

...huh. I could've sworn already gave you 3 patches - they might even have been a dice, a bunny, and maybe a wrench or a star. But I don't see them on your profile, and I don't see any comments from you on this thread.

That's...really weird. Okay, sure, I'll send 'em in the next little bit. :)

Ohhhh, ohhh, me next! Can I have one with a pony? And how bout' a machine gun! That would be awesome!

Thank you so much, I love them! Did I tell you that you're awesome!

Well, I did say limit of 3...have another request?

Do patches accumulate if you don't give them out over your 12 month subscription?

Yep. They stick around as long as you're PRO. I guess you'd lose them if you let your PRO expire, but you could probably email staff and see if they'd credit the ones you lost to your account.


What tool would you like on your patch?

It you send a tool patch, that doesn't mean we are "tools" does it? ;-)

Not at all, unless you act like you have a screw loose...

b'de ya, b'de ya, b'de ya, b'de ya, that's all folks LOL

Thank you for the awesome mig welder patch!

Too late or a patch? I'd love one with a mig welding torch on it!

Oh, I forgot about this already. Thanks for reminding me to send out the ones I forgot to do.

Any tool in particular?

Really big hammer combined with really tiny screwdriver.

All-in-one screwdriver

My most "useful" tool has been my CASE pocket knife (one blade, one can/bottle opener, one leather punch).

My favorite tool how ever is my soldering iron. Basic as it is, I have used it moer then any other tool (being into electronics does help in that respect LOL).

The best tool is with no doubt the hack saw!!


7 years ago

There is no tool better than a sonic screwdriver!

How about kitchen tools? I have to say my coffee maker is my best friend in the morning :)

Another great tool, my cold steel AK-47 knife!

ak-47 knife.bmp

I would say surely definite as one's hair on their chinny-chin-chin and a good educated guess to be reasonably sure for the other...but you shouldn't put a pair of boobies on a patch for me, it is a family site. I'll take a good pun on a patch.