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CLOSED - FREEBIES! Giving away FOUR 3-month Pro Memberships! Answered

I'll be old and gray before I'm able to use all the wonderful PRO Membership
time I have in the bank.

Paying it forward. Four 3-month PRO Memberships up for grabs.
Please allow those who do not currently have memberships
to take advantage of this offer.


Leave a comment, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll
send a link to you for a free trial membership.

If, once you are a member, you create a published Instructable in the
next three months, I'll give you another 3-month membership.

First four only, please.



Hi, I hope I will get on time this time to get one of the Pro Memberships you are giving
Thank you

Hi Happy, looks like it worked, whoo hoo!
You're a PRO.

You're more than welcome. :-)

Just this once, I'll make an exception. :-) Coming your way.


5 years ago

Did you already give the 4th one away or did I miscount?

Hello, Hrice1! I've lost count, too, but I'll gladly send one your way since I didn't officially close the offer until just now. Enjoy! Check your email...

Thank you sooooo much. I really appreciate this. Sincerely, Holly

Holly, very happy to help. It was great to be able to share with you. :-)

Would love a free membership!!


Hello Maltesergr8, coming your way. Please check your email.

O.K. Thanks. I"ll give it a try.

Coming your way. Thanks for accepting. Check your mail. :-)

Well it seems to be working.

I used the code and , I now have the "PRO" designation
showing with my user name.

PDF files downloaded O.K. too.

Thanks again WUVIE.

Looks good! Sure hope you have fun! :-)

OMG thank you so very much!!! What a grand day it is :)

Annie, whoo hoo! The PRO looks good next to your name! Enjoy!


5 years ago

Looks like we still have one. Hot and fresh for the taking!

I would love to have a pro membership :) Thank you for the giveaway :)

Coming your way. Thanks for accepting. Check your mail. :-)


5 years ago

Hook me up with a free membership :)

Coming your way. Thanks for accepting. Check your mail. :-)