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FS: BIG electric motors Answered

've got three 36v forklift steering motors. They're big, beefy, and used. Rated as 1 1/3 HP "special" duty. They draw 4.1A no load at 36v. With the gearbox, they draw 4.3A no load. Speed for the motor alone 3225RPM , with the gearbox is 75RPM. Torque must be something outrageous. They have an optional mating 43:1 Sumitomo-made gearbox which I reckon would make these some great drive motors for a large heavy project. Without gearbox, they would be excellent for go-karts, suicidal ebikes, etc. I even know of a e-car project that used a similar motor. (forkenswift) The motors alone weigh about 18lbs. Not sure what they weigh with the gearbox. You want one. I have three. I'm asking $100 each for the whole motor/gearbox shebang. Pictures:



9 years ago

I need to know pretty soon because i need to finish the car. £90 or $100? I need to know pretty soon since my project cannot go on without the motor!

I want one! (A friend might want 2) How much to ship to NM? (zip code 87507)

Do 2 of them match? My friend needs matching ones

All three match, and two of them are currently built up together in a matching pair. One is disassembled in a motor/gearbox combo. To ship two to 87507 would probably be around $50 according to USPS.

how much to ship 3? Would you give me a discount if I bought them all? Thanks!

Looks like $70 to ship 3. I think I could knock $20 off for all three. I might also be interested in trades.

I think you might have made an arithmatic booboo- (3*100)+70-20=$350. I think that's a good price.

Doh! I thought you meant ((100-20)*3)+70=310

Steve was asking 80 a piece + 80 shipping or 320

I agree with your price, but I'm just the middle man arranging it here

That clears things up. Let me know whether Steve is interested for $350 or not. Thanks!

I don't know, but I'll try. Thats only 5.5% discount, thats not much. 320 is 13%, which I think is much more reasonable.

Well, considering a semi-comparable NPC T74 is $324 before shipping for just one, I think $350 shipped for three more powerful motors(albeit used) is a very good deal. Let's see what Steve says.

He is ok, but is a little unsure. He also was wondering if you had any controllers for them. Do you have the main drive motors for the forklift?

Okay. I don't have controllers, but what I'd recommend are Curtis golf cart controllers such as the 1204 series. If you're planning on overvolting, check out the 1204-410, which IIRC is the only one to support 48v rather than 36v. I have one of those but I'm planning on hanging onto it. I don't have any of the other parts of the forklift, but I do have lots of other junk. Any other particular items you want, beyond controllers?

I'm also looking for bigger moors (ev car size). SLA or marine batteries would also be nice but shipping would be a problem. What else do you have?

I've seen motors these size (minus the gearbox) used on EVs before- see forkenswift.com.

I am interested in one of the motors I am currently doing a project and I have half finished it I just need the motor and 3 seats. how much for 1 motor and 1 gearbox for that motor. In british pounds. THX

I take it that you friend doesn't need this motors anymore? If he does, let me know. I might be willing to work on the price.

Actually we still do. Not sure if we want two or three though.

OK, let me know- I'll message you my email address and cell number.

I could do $325 shipped, but only if your friend promises to do something cool with them.

I'll ask him if thats good. He's doing an electric car conversion (maybe a motorcycle with the 3rd one) How much for only 2?

$225 shipped for 2. (The economies of scale on shipping don't make it exactly 2/3)

sounds reasonable, its probably ok, but let me double check with steve.

Alright, cool. I'd be nice if I could hear back within a day or two.

At this time I'm 90% sure we'd want two. I'm just as anxious as you are! I can't wait to start building!

Ahh, sorry but could we buy them in another week and a half? Its 99% verified that we want them, but steve has to wait until after some big deals with his company and his daughter's wedding. Sorry about the delays (I'd buy them right now if I wasn't moving in a week)

That works for me- I'm not anxious on the money so much as the knowledge that it's coming. I've got my disposable income tied up in these and I'm contemplating an RC purchase. I just need to know for sure that they're sold before I buy what I want to buy. Any chance I could get that 99% sureness in the form of a deposit?

I think 15% is the standard, so say $35 for two or $50 for three. LMK. I just want to know for sure that the money is coming before I make my big RC equipment purchase. Thanks!

Paypal works, use the same address I messaged to you.

FYI, I'm going to be out of town this upcoming week, starting early Saturday morning. If you want these to be shipped sooner than 10+ days from now, I'll need to get payment and ship them either Thursday or Friday. LMK.

Sorry about this, things are crazy around here. I'm in no rush (actually it would be nice to wait a while until the house is done) BTW do you know how many amps these draw? I found a 700A controller that I'm interested in buying, but I wanted to check first (700 for both)

OK. It'd be nice to get a deposit at least, for my peace of mind. My first blush guess is that a 700A controller would be good for both the motors. If you want a more accurate answer, I could take one down to the lab and take an armature resistance measurement. That's a PITA, though, so I'd like to get a deposit first- I'm also waiting to know whether they're sold before I make some discretionary spending decisions. I don't want to pressure you too much, but it'd be nice to know.

I sold one of these this weekend, so there are two left.

Thats fine as long as there are two left. Sorry it s taking so long its not really in my hands.....

Look, I'm so sorry. Its been going slow and I haven't called Steve in a while. I was meaning to email him to give him my new number so I'll ask him again.

Okay. FYI: I'm taking a co-op starting in January, and when I leave school (and the motors) next week, I won't have access to them again for five months at the soonest, and 8 at the latest. If your friend wants them, he should get them soon.

What other junk do you have? My pocket money is about to go up to $50 AU a month