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FSM Hat Answered

Check out this awesome FSM hat!

Good stuff. My craft to-do list is getting too long.


I love that hat!! I would make the meatballs a little smaller, but otherwise a very, very, good hat! Once I finally learn how to knit (or crochet, how this hat was done), this'll be on my list for sure! (If I ever learn how to knit...)

Go for crochet...it's much easier to do complicated things with crochet than it is with knitting...or at least that's my opinion :)

So cute! I'm going to be putting the great FSM on a bag soon, I hope. I'll be making a pattern to post as well. I'm excited. :D

Now that's a hat... with balls (or some other gratuitous male comment here)!

That's awesome! I want one too!

Those are really awesome! They look warm too!

Every home should have some knitted guts lying about somewhere; gives others that "it's not nice to overstay your visit" inspiration. :-)