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FUNCTIONAL MAGIC CARPET COSTUME BUILD-need ideas on how to make carpet sway!! Answered

Hi everyone,

It's my first time posting to this forum, soI hope I'm posting in the right section. Please go easy on me: )

I'm looking to make a genie costume similar to ModMischief's awesome construction. That is her costume pictured below. I have not made the carpet section yet, so it can be altered to fit any plans for what I am trying to accomplish.


I would like the flying carpet to be a little different though. I am trying to create a simple mechanism that will give the carpet some movement. I want it to mimic the up/down wave motion as if the carpet is actually flying mid air. Can anyone suggest something that would get me going in the right direction for ideas? I will have a 2nd person with me that could assist me once the costume is on, if there is some kind of crank mechanism that would work.

Any ideas are appreciated!


A fan? Hide it underneath the carpet and turn it on. You'll only have to worry about the noise.

If the stand were widened a bit, and the top made concave, with a convex bottom attached to the underside of the carpet; some "rollers" in between the two would allow the "rider" to sway the carpet as much or as little as they wanted it to.

+1 to what Ms. Moonbeam said. In place of the chicken wire and foam, give your carpet a spine of sorts, rigid rods coming off of it like the Dartmouth wave device, and cover that with your magical carpet fabric.

That'll make the motion look magic carpet-ish. You'll probably need to keep the foam/wire combo and then add rigid fingers to the edges. (This would allow you to have a moving fringe even if the fabric is too heavy for the fingers to lift; just cut it shorter and make the rods look like carpet tassles.)

Or you can create a mechanical component that sits above the board and below the fabric to provide actual waves, but that might add unnecessary bulk/I can't think of a device that'll provide that kind of motion.

Something along the lines of one of these?
(from http://www.dartmouth.edu/~physics/lecture_demo/descriptions/oscillations.waves/table.wave.html )

5 years ago

Buy a used electric wheelchair off of craigslist ($150-$200). Rip the chair part off, and replace it with a plywood platform that's roughly the size of your carpet. Hide the controller in pillow and you've got yourself one heck of a halloween costume. We've been working with electric wheelchairs on some other projects and I just can't say enough positive things about them.