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Faberge' Contest--When will the winners be announce and where is the weblink??? Answered

Lots of talented individuals out there--who won?


Upfront: I did not submit an entry in the Faberge' Egg Contest but I do appreciate and admire others' talents and abilities. I understood at a very young age that there is no accounting for taste--to each their own. We can all all walk into a Baskin Robbins and I may like chocolate-you may like vanilla and that is fine-people like what they like and choose what they prefer and that is what makes the world go around. While the winning entry does follow the Faberge' mold...gluing "shtuff" on an egg in an either a random or carefully laid-out pattern hardly represents much talent or skill, at least in my view of "Art". We all were in grade school and did "Art" by doing very similar projects....glue this bobble here, this bead there...The Winning piece is "nicely done" but I am sorry to say (or maybe proud?) that I believe the Number 1 place taken does not represent much more than the adult deviation of our youthful experience in art class--much like painting ceramic figurines. There were several other pieces that represented a much higher talent/skill, ability and concept for what is truly Art--at least in my view of what Art should be. There really is no accounting for taste but the decision was made. I realize I am fringing on the "be nice" comment policy, the winning decision was subjective but I am being objective with my opinion.

I found my profile/account info and yes, my old (and inactive) email was listed... Hope springs eternal! (But the email box is still sadly lacking.)


9 years ago

We are all watching with such anticipation! Everyone can count me out though, I haven't gotten that winning email. Whoever did get it, PLEASE do tell! The suspense is making me itch!

It's not me either...no emails here. :( too bad.

Oh dear, I was thinking I had better get my LEDs working again, in case I was asked to send mine LOL......right. I wasn't even a finalist not that I expected to be in even the top 90 entries (out of 89 ?) ;-)

well looking at how good the other eggs were, im really chuffed that im a finalist, i dont expect to win.

I don't know, it is definitely original and your instructable is quite detailed and well written.

Thanks gh! (tho im still not going to get my hopes up)

I keep checking my email... Nothing yet. Sigh. "Maybe you have my old email address? " asked the hopeful finalist...