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Fabricating advice (Knuckle dusters) Answered

I want to create some knuckle dusters, heavy duty ones that could pack a punch (I will not be hurting anyone, just for fun and martial arts self-defence :-P).

However I have almost no metalworking tools such as a welder, drill press, bandsaw (or other electric saw that cuts metal).

The tools I do have are:
  • Mitre saw
  • Normal drill (Variable speed)
  • Hacksaws
  • Scroll/fret saw
  • Table saws
  • Sanders, planers, circular saws.
  • Heavy duty desk vices

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. They dont need to look amazing, I like 'rustic' weapons (Like 'improvised' weapons).


What kind of hand tools do you have? If you have the time a simple file could make you a knuckle dusters. If you the right kind of "normal drill" you can still drill metal with the proper bit. Now some woods ARE dense enough to pack a punch but they are harder to get and work with.
Now if you live in the USA they are illegal depending on the state. So please don't tell the whole world that you are making them

I bought one that was actually a belt buckle (but in a pinch would have worked just as well).

I THINK they were cast brass, Aluminum would be easier to cast, but then it might be a bit lightweight

With those tools, you could make some good ones out of hardwood (who said they had to be metal? :)

Another possibility is to prototype it in wood, customized for your grip, and then 3D scan it with Autodesk 123D Catch (or similar) and send off the 3D model for fabrication at someplace like Shapeways.

Other materials to try are plastic cutting boards. Dense and easily machineable. You could probably build up thickness by gluing with epoxy if needed.