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Fabulous Instructable, lousy result... Answered

Recently, I baked a cake that I had long awaited making. Just the right time.
Just the right pan. Just the right season for pecans. It was a sure hit.

Everything was beautiful, everything fell into place. The pictures were fabulous.
The cake was gorgeous. This was going to be made in many homes. My tutorial
was divine and thorough.

So came the time to cut the cake. My parents, my son, daughter-in-law and
husband were present. I was so proud! Everyone took a slice and began chewing.
And chewing. They each had that 'Uh, yeah, it's, uhh, yeah." look on their faces.
My son said "Oh, it's not that bad, after you chew it for a while."

This was an epic disaster. This cake was so dry, I could have gagged.
There were suggestions of soaking it in coffee. Covering it with whipped topping. I could have died.

Needless to say, after tasting the crime that was this cake, there was no way
it was going up on Instructables. What a waste of time and food product.
Thank goodness the chickens loved it.

Has anyone else ever experience such when trying a new recipe?

Sign me, NOT serving this cake anytime soon.


Id be interested in an instructable on such a cake fail! Also, did you manage to diagnose what went wrong? Having make about 60 terrible cakes in my time, Id love to have a look at the offending recipe and dissect it!

Documenting a failed cake is often as illustrative as documenting a success. Figuring out what went wrong makes for better cakes in the future. And people love reading stories of failed projects.

I never cook anything for a guest that I have not already cooked and tasted for myself... Kind of like a presentation to the boss. Always test it first to make sure it's right...

1. Trust no one else's recipe to taste good, even if they tell you so. If it's bad, either rub their noses in it or make them eat it too.
2. Baking is one big chemistry experiment, you have to get the formula right.
3. What went wrong? Fix it and then do an ible on what you changed to get it right.

WUVIE, I completely agree with caitinsdad! Please don't waste your ible, your pics, and all the precious time you've invested! Research more recipes for the same, or similar, cakes to compare any differences in method, ingredients, or oven temp. Divide the recipe (or the batter) to experiment on a smaller less expensive scale. Then share with us!!! Mistakes are definitely what we learn the most from!

lol Wuvie... it happens to me, too. The memories can be painful, so I don't talk about it much. ;-)

If a new creation doesn't completely knock my socks off, I won't publish. But I just can't bring myself to delete all the pictures... because at least they're pretty good. ;-)

BTW... congrats on the Soup Win! Your Chili recipe looked delicious!!! ;-P~

To moisten and sweeten cake add Kalewa liquor or dark rum.
Can I have another slice, hic hic up.

Was it an I'bles recipe? Or were you just planning to I'ble it? You could still do that. I have seen a few "cautionary tales" which were really great Instructables, even though the result wasn't what the author had intended or wanted. Caitlin's Dad's suggestion of figuring out how to tweak the recipe and then posting your version is also a good one. Either way, great story!