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Facadeprinter prints by shooting paintballs Answered

Want some art nice and big on a wall and don't want to break out a ladder? The Facadeprinter in Germany is something that can help. It's a computer-controlled paintball gun that can make paintings 8m tall and 10m wide. The computer takes into account the shape of the target so there's no distortion in the final piece. Check out the video to see it in action.

via Wooster Collective

facadeprinter.org - three stones from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.


Ok, awesome idea. Now we just need to figure out how to make our own.

I like it. And as long as we're making our own, maybe we can get it to shoot drops of paint without the balls--lower cost, less waste material. Kind of a giant inkjet printer.

there is no waste with paintballs

There is. The paintball shell is unnecessary for this, and could be considered a waste. A simple stream or blast of paint could work. However. a windy day would be more likely to ruin the trajectory without the nice, hard spherical shape created by the shell.

the shells are made of gelatin (same one used in pills) they biodegrade very fast

Yes, but that is still extra material required to construct the ball and extra mass to fire. It is still extra.

or we find a way to efficiently produce paintballs

Haha reminds me of when the mythbusters built a paintball gun.

2 things. First that would cost a lot in paintballs, period. Second, I thought Germany had banned paintball? Pretty genius lazy tagger though.

At the moment some people want to ban it, but it hasn't been banned yet. Not yet....

Because they say it glamorizes violence, it simulates war scenes, it makes persons run amok and so on...

BANNED PAINTBALLS?! why? there so fun!

Add a little motion detector to kick it off and I think that this would make an awesome addition to a paint ball gun course, a nice ambush booby trap. Take the wrong path through the maze and it paints "DEAD" on your cover alls. LOL Awesome work guys.

I want one. 'Nuff said.

50 bucks for 2000 rounds, sdound like a deal to me

These are quite large paintings, you'd need more than one can of spray paint.


8 years ago