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Facebook Usernames Answered

So who is actually staying up until 12:01 to try to get a facebook username? I'm pretty confident my actual name won't be taken (it's not a very common name), but I am debating going for something funny. My top choices: 1. index.php 2. tom.cruise 3. my best friend's name


i already got mine and i didn't know it (its facebook.com/shamwow)

You'll be able to get usernames on facebook now?

Too bad they disabled my account or I would have seen that sooner...

They say I wasn't who I said I was. I'm not sure if it's because I picked a random school to say I went to or because I used a different last name than my real one.

I think they could just be insane. They should at least make it so that people don't have to post their real last names. Or a way to make it private. Because if you actually know the people you're friends with, they should know your last name.

You can make it so that people can't search for you. The only way to become friends with you would be for you to add them.

Since the name I use there is utterly false, as are all the details I gave, I think you've just been unlucky.

Did you use a normal last name? Mine was "noneoyourbusiness" but it wasn't spelled that way. I think that might have been the reason, or at least one of them...

Keep in mind that if you don't want people on here to find you, you shouldn't tell us what you go with.

lol, you would think that they would filter the name of "Man" for both first and last names, along with kite.

I doubt they filter them, it's be pretty easy to offend someone by telling them that their last name is too ridiculous to be a last name. They probably rely on people reporting them, or something like that. I was once banned temporarily over a misunderstanding. I was trying to join my school's network, in addition to my city's network. They thought I meant that I had registered under the wrong one.

There was actually something on the news near here about people's accounts being canceled because of their names (the example was "Alicia Istanbul"). They not only filter names that are famous cities or places, they also filter the names of famous people. Ever since Susan Boyle became famous, people with her name have not been able to make accounts. They are filtering names.

News article via KTVU Bay Area

They filter to an extent, I have a friend who wanted to put "Liquid Cyrstal Display" as his name, but had to settle on "Likwid" as "Liquid" was blocked.

I know of a few persons that have been tossed off Facebook for giving names known to be false; which may mean someone reported them...

I just used my actual name. :P I kinda wish I had done that all along on sites, honestly.

My user name has not been taken, so I took it. :-D

joemartin22 I was going to stay up until 5AM but I lasted 3:30Am then fell asleep. Damm. I was planning on having joe.martin but oh well i've got the same facebook username as twitter.


9 years ago

Well I just joined this week (I know, I'm late to the party) so I can make mine in two weeks. Oh well, I am probably not going to use n8man anyway.

index.php will most definitely be off limits.

It would cause a bunch of problems. Index is the standard name for the homepage on most websites.

i just did it, i did firstnamelastinitial which would be a fairly uncommon one to get in a week but atleast its not something lame


9 years ago

How about "Your Name" :D