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Facebook or no Facebook Answered

Is it necessary to have a Facbook account?  I do not have one and do not see the  need.


I'm not sure if you mean for the site or for life in general, but I can tell you, you do not need a facebook account two participate on Instructables.

it does broaden the horizens of those of us that don't "get out much" however LOL

Well, then that is useful interaction, like a tool.

It can, but if misunderstood, one can "put too much" out there, and having everyone know your "information" is not always good.

At what point will kite-flying have me turning toward hang gliding?

It depends on the kite and the wind - one day, I will build a full-size Cody War Kite.

I meant to exist in today's world, in a way. You can only go without things like a phone, Internet accesss, etc. for so long before your left behind or left out. I just don't need to complicate my life for something as optional as Facebook sounds like it is.

Facebook is great for wasting time and finding others that either think like you or want to argue that water is never a liquid......otherwise, it is of little use and not necessary. :-)

What relationship does Instructables have with Facebook?

Nothing whatsoever, except that some members, including Cristy and Eric post things there to spread the word.

I guess it is somewhat like this site as far as chatting is concerned, but I think that this site is more constructive. Just in my opinon, I think it's stupid and unnecessary. You can take that however you like.

Yeah, this replying to all of you is starting to feel like.... you know.


6 years ago

Facebook is useful to contact people if you can't get out a lot, and for some communication, but other than that, it's kinda useless and addictive.

Addictions ... I think I'm starting to understand.

Yeah, This site and Facebook are my top addictive sites. I kinda live 20 miles away from most of my friends and anything socially important, so I use Facebook a lot to keep up to date.

I would agree that Facebook a waste of time, unnecessary for using instructables, and mostly useless in real life as well.
I heard a story once, and I have no idea if it is accurate, about someone who decided to invite all of their Facebook "friends" to a bar to hang out -- they had a large number of friends (I gathered that they were somewhat of a facebook phenomenon), but only one guy bothered to actually come. If this is true, it would indicate that FB "friends" may not be quite as dependable as their non-virtual counterpart =).
That is just my opinion though, and I am sure others have differing points of view on the subject.

Nope, i'm doing fine without one.

Unless you're a person who validates their existence by obsessing over the opinion of others concerning one's own virtues and vices, i.e. a narcissist, then no, it's not 'necessary.'

However, be prepared to be treated as a pariah when the sheeple you know find out you're not on the bandwagon.

That's alright. I want them to fade from my life.

It's better than a twitter account...but...well, that's not saying much is it? If you have a business, you need a facebook account, otherwise, no. I always ask people why they have so many facebook friends, why they spend so much time on facebook, the answer is almost always something about "staying in touch" and "reconnecting"...with people they don't care enough about to talk to or do anything with in real life...so I usually ask them why that's important to do with someone you don't know or like enough to spend any real time with and the answer is always something like "I don't know...but it is" to which I "guffaw" and give them my 'disgusted with you' face.

It amazes me how many people consider facebook friends much the same as a REAL friend.

It's probably more of a requirement for younger people though, you know, if you don't want to be a social outcast.

I do have a facebook account but I put zero info into it. I only got it to gain access to a few hobby related accounts that were only accessible to facebook users.

That brings about a catch that I've been curious to explore. How many websites require a Facebook account? What is this trend?

Me too. It gives me access to a pet rescue group, a cat behaviorist site, and a disc dog club site. I have 1 or2 friends - actual friends from where I used to live, but generally email them personally if I have something to say. I ignore most "friend" requests just becuase I don't want to be held accountable for something someone else says on my wall. I also don't check into my account very often.

If you are a parent, you'll also want one just so you can see what your kids are posting on their public wall.

I have a cat that I consider to be a real friend. We "follow" each other throughout the house from time to time each day. It's a fun way for us to connect and share our time. My wife says that it strengthens the pride, as well. Like, when the cat and I rub the sides of our faces together. I guess I will carry on without Facebook.

I have a Facebook account which I find a waste of my time. One of my "friends" only posts how much she exercised that day, one posts about how much she loves her hubby every day and another one, a relative, writes every little thing that she is doing minute by minute, like we all care.

Yeah, when I had 3 facebook friends, I had to un-friend the one who sent a steady stream of updates on her Farmville??? game; 50+ per day. Please! get a real life.

The pastor friend has been posting a series of one photo per day of something beautiful - no sermon, just a moment captured with her camera. I like that.

Like all technology it can be used for good or bad: keep in touch with far-flung friends and realtives - or share waaaay too much information, waste time, and feud.

I get what you mean. I, too, don't need those little bits of people's lives.