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Failed K'NEX MBA Gyrojet Answered

Here are just some views of my failed K'NEX MBA Gyrojet. I could not get it too shoot, and it does not look right. Overall, its, as some would say, meh.



5 years ago

You make the strangest pistols Ive ever seen.

I haven't seen it internally, but it looks like some things could easily be fixed. First of all, the tip/front part of the barrel could be made shorter by removing the Y-clips. Also, the thick barreled part and trigger guard could be made shorter; maybe even an extend the shorter part of the barrel a little bit. If you did just that (even though I'm pretty sure you've already dismantled it) It'd probably be a lot more realistic looking.

Easier said than done, right?

oh my goodness you drive me crazy by calling these things failed XD I think it looks great to be honest with you, what is it? range?

XD, really? Well, it may look great, but I was too lazy to finish it. Besides, its no that cool of a gun anywho. Well, I don't know that range would have been an issue, the gun did not work, so I called it a fail. =D

what is the exact reason it doesnt shoot, or even better what happens if you pull the trigger when loaded?

Well, part of the reason it did not shoot was due to the fact that the true-trigger did not block the pin. What happens when it was loaded and ready to fire (if this ever happened, which it did not)? Well, it worked, but it was really badly built.