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Failed KNEX turret pistol Answered

Hello everybody I have not posted a KNEX gun for a while and have not made anything that worked that good but this is something I made a month ago that failed but I kind of liked how it looked and some other aspects of it.  I know this isn't innovative or anything but it looked kind of cool and I have not seen something just like this before.

Now what made this a failure was first the turret was held on by a rubber band.  This could have been fixed if I just put a longer rod in but then that would look weird.

Also this has a slide trigger that I came up with but I did not take the time to fix it so that it worked right and it was mounted wrong so it rubbed on my hand when I held the gun.


Is the trigger any good? If so, I'd love internals of it.

Maybe if I tinkered with it some more and adjusted the placement. I don't have internals but the trigger is pretty simple. There is a hing connected to a to slot connector and the red connector has a white rod connected to it that pushes a green rod connected the 2 slot connector back which pulls the hinge connected to a blue clip down and out of the way of the ram rod.

Thanks! Do you think you might tinker with the trigger any? Have you built any other good slide triggers before?

Maybe. Well, I built a gun with the ZLG trigger once. It was OK.

Really? Mine worked fine. Of course it didn't get near 100 feet.

Tell me what you think.