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Failed MTAR Answered

Hey guys. Well, after seeing BM's latest Bullpup (L85A2), I thought I'd try my hand (again) a a new Bullpup. I intended to build an MTAR from Black Ops 2, but as you can see by my title, I failed / was unhappy with what I had. If you'd like to, go ahead and finish it.

-The Red Book of Westmarch


I love this gun on BO2, maybe just my favourite after the MK 48 with a target finder and dual wield KAP 40s!

Really? You are a LMG guy? I don't understand you... Why would you want to walk around so slowly? I prefer ARs or SMGs over LMGs. I just prefer the maneuverability and accuracy of ARs over the rate of fire and high capacity of LMGs.

Well, now I have totally changed my loadout. It works much more efficiently and I always come first!

So my loadout is a KSG with a quickdraw attachment and a stock, so I get a kill with one shot. And for my secondary, I kept my dual wield KAP-40s cause they are too bad-ass.

Good attempt Red, you should try and use elements from your own and other instructables members that have made great K'nex guns. I will posting my first handgun instructions in a few days.

an MTAR from Black Ops 2

The MTAR is not from Black Ops 2.

For bullpup designs with little room behind the magazine, either a slingshot mech, or something similar to Seleziona's second Skorpion would be the best way to go.

What? What do you mean it is not from Black Ops 2? Of course it is: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/MTAR

If you mean that the MTAR is a real gun and did not come from Black Ops 2... you would be wrong. The MTAR is not a real designation for the Tavor line... There is no such thing as an MTAR other than from Black Ops 2.

What exactly was wrong with this? You were nearly done, I can tell by the trigger mech and mag lock. I'm finishing this.

Well, there was nothing "wrong" with it, it was just... I don't know... badly put together. There is hardly any room for a firing mech... or for a firing pin... If you want to finish it, by all means, do so! Be my guest!

Cool! Too bad it didn't work.