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Fairy Lights Answered

I have an idea but dont want to buy stuff and its a bad idea in the end. Now is it safe to put christmas lights in a pvc tube that has drill holes. With an opaque plastic cover.
I would like the holes to be of different sizes and in random locations or in a wavy idea. I am not sure of how to mount to a wall horizontally or vertically. I like the idea of led;s because they make no buzzing . Maybe someone got any ideas?


You should be able to put the lights in a tube, LEDs shouldn't get that warm to pose a hazard.  You could use pipe clamps, u-shaped brackets that they do sell to mount pipes to walls or if you want the hidden look, mount hooks or nails to the wall first and hang on open holes. There's also this https://www.instructables.com/id/Ping-Pong-Ball-Lights/  Good luck.

Thanks for the help, I will try the ping pong route and then my idea