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Fake X-RAY Exhibit Answered

Hello all
I wanted to know if anyone has an idea about cameras that have an X-RAY application. I am building a kids hospital for a museum and we want a play X-RAY machine. I thought that there may be a camera with an app that you can take a picture of someones hand, leg, face ect. and then it would alter the photo to look like a bone visible photo. Any ideas?



Somebody that might have hacked the Kinect could match up a person's body image to a moving skeleton to be viewed on a display.

Going on Nacho's idea, how about having someone stand up to a display panel, do something to activate the "x-ray machine lights" and the display would light up with an x-ray image that matched the profile of the person standing up to the panel. Or how about using glow in the dark paint which you have previously painted an outline of a skeleton and the background. Have a flash go off and then darken the chamber or room to see the glowing image. I have one of the luminous glow-in-the dark panel swhich kids love to put their hands up to, flash a bright light and create a glow-in-the-dark shadow. Good luck.

I wonder if this would work on the TSA...hhmmm

"No sir I wouldn't like to follow you to the back room for an exam"

Ok scratch that idea.


. Fake it! Use one or more real x-rays of each body part and scale to the user's hand size.